Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Wedding Dinner

Thomas' Wedding dinner is held 26th November 2006, Sunday, at the Mandarin Oriental KL. I was told that there were about 1000 attendees. (O_o)
The reception area is a chaos. People are everywhere. I managed to meet up with the rest of the gang in a while. If I were to look for them myself, I think it would take me sometime.
Since its the first time we are attending a function with formal wear. It would be a waste if we don't have a photo to show.

The service and food in Mandarin Oriental is only so-so, nothing spectacular, in fact disappointing in my own opinion.
When it comes to drink, Sean will be head of the crowd. Ooi....your wife knows how to drive la. Even KKPan is not spared. Although it was not drink-till-we-drunk type session, but the amount of hard liquor he poured into our glasses is farking lot. I cannot stand the smell and taste of liquor, it makes me want to vomit.Sean performing the 10sec none stop straight-from-the-bottle-down-the-throat feat.
A group photo for every one's memory.

A video for every one's enjoyment. Doesn't he look busy/shy?And the blissed couple of the evening. "Make Babies, 5 of them" (^^)

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