Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Mobile Code

This is a barcode link to my site. Can be decoded using Nokia N-Series phones like the N95, N82 etc.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Free VOIP to mobile and land lines

With Broadband Internet penetration into almost everyone's home nowadays, its nothing new having a VOIP service for you computer. The most common is Skype. Although I'm a Skype user, Skype charges us to make calls from PC-to-Phone. This I no like.

Now there are some VOIPs out there which doesn't charge you anything if you call to certain countries. Like Mediaringtalk and Pfingo, both allows you to call directly to your friends mobile phone and landlines.

Let me give a brief review of both.

This company has been in the VOIP business for almost 10yrs. I've only managed to start using it yesterday night and I find it the best VOIP software so far. Why? Cause it allows you to call your friend's mobile phone or landlines for free. Not those PC-to-PC gimmick. This VOIP allows you to call to 8 countries, Canada, USA, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UK and Singapore totally free of charge. No joke. You can either call their mobile phone or landlines totally free of charge. But the catch is, it only allows you to talk 10mins each time before disconnecting you automatically. Don't worry, it doesn't restrict you how many times you call the same person per day. Even if you got disconnected, all you have to do is to redial your friend's number again and you can chat for another 10mins.

pfingo is like a phone for your PC, upon registration, you will be given a number. This number is a Singapore number and it allows your Singapore friends to call you via that number. And it also provides free SMS and calls to all mobile and landlines numbers in Singapore. Best of all, upon registration, pfingo gives you SGD15.00 free credit to make calls to other countries.

Well, enough said. Go check out these 2 services yourself. You might like them very much like I do. You can click on the above Pfingo banner if you want to.