Friday, March 30, 2007


Tim to get extra ram and harddisk for my PC. Expected to stuff another 3GB ram into the unit and another 320GB harddisk in. Total costs is about 1K, 1GB ram is 195.00 and 320GB harddisk is 300.00 from Cycom.

So a trip down to Lowyat in the last week of April is unavoidable.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

A New Love

I've just completed the demo version of Command & Conquer 3. The graphics is totally astonishing. I can say this will be the best game of the year. Game play wise is still the same as its predecessor.Can't get it at Low Yat at this moment. As the 2 sniffer dogs are coming to KL. So there are some other ways which one can get their hands on.

Now time to get those DVD-9 Discs.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Crazy Temperature

The temperature today is damn hot. Why can't we have some cool climates instead.

Sunday, March 25, 2007



Naruto Shippuden Ending MTV & Download

I liked this song very much. There's one thing good about the Internet, I no longer buy pirated discs, thus not playing a part in making the pirates richer. (^^)

Just in case you want to download the MP3 file, here's the link.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Push Email

I'd setup my PDA phone to enable PUSH E-mail. This word PUSH Email has been in the buzz for quite a few years now. But I only had an idea of what it is a few days ago. I saw an article in mypdacafe website teaching people how to set up Push Email using EMOZE. I've followed the steps and now my PDA phone is PUSH enabled. And this program from EMOZE is free!!!

All mobile phones are supported as well but provided that your email client is set to receive email automatically and you are logged on to the Internet at all times. Sony-Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola. Almost all the latest color phones are supported. Download the program and check it out.

The cost for receiving your email on your PC while you are away will be your GPRS charges only. Unless you want to "always-on" your PUSH Email. For me, I'd set it up so that I can receive my email whenever I wanted.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Funny Events On My Way Home

1) This piece of cloud seems like a middle finger pointing towards the sky. If you let your imagination take over, you can see an erected penis.

2) My neighbor's dog got stuck while trying to squeeze through an opening of the gate. When he sees me, he scurry out and enter my house just to play with my dog.

Sometimes, it helps to have your digicam with you at all times.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Mysterious Power Of Rain

No....!!!! Not the Korean heartthrob, but the water that falls from the sky. I can't help but to wonder, why rain has such a mysterious power to affect things around us.

When it rains at night, people tends to sleep sounder, when it rains in the morning, people tends to arrive late for work. When it rains in the evening, people will arrived home later then usual.

When it drizzles, traffic are jammed almost to a standstill, accidents happened more frequent on rainy days. When it rains heavily, traffic is a total hell. Houses flooded, cars' engines soaked, landslide. Just because of the so call rain, the pee from the heavens, had me caught in the jam for 2 fucking hours for consecutively 2 days.

That's fine with me, but what really pissed me of is that while queuing for pay for the fucking $1.60 toll. Some idiot malay driver bumped into the back of my car. I wanted to kick that bastard already. The reason he gave me is this " Letih lar, tak nampak" And this is the answer I replied " Cheebye, bukan you seorang letih sahaja, semua orang pun baru lepas kerja, kalau letih, jangan memandu. Sekarang hujian dan dah gelap, saya tak nampak apa, tapi saya dah ambil gambar kereta anda. Besok kalau ada apa, saya memang pergi buat laporan"

Why am I so polite? I ought to whack him kaukau just to vent my frustrations for being stuck in the jam for 2 hours for no apparent reasons and for him bumping into my car.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New Job New Start

Its been 3 days since I started my new job in Cyberjaya. And I love this job. Apart being for the pay that I'm getting, the company is pampering me with a new laptop, a LCD monitor, a plush pantry with a 42 inch LCD TV for everyone's enjoyment, and some other things which I don't get in my previous company.
Even the laptop is well configured, with a Centrino Duo processor, 512mb ram, 80GB harddisk, a DVD-RW drive, a docking station, wireless (bluetooth,infra-red,wifi), card reader, finger print scanner. Although its company's property, but I can do my personal things after work hours.
The environment here is not as relaxing as in the old data center. My colleagues are so busy that they seldom have time to move about. So I'll be expecting to be very busy in about 2 weeks time after I had learned the basics of my job. Security here at my office is damn tight, makes me felt like working back in Singapore. I have security guards who will open the main door when I reach my office building and one opening the door for me when I reach my office.This photo is taken yesterday. Its a bit empty as you can see in the photo, But by end of the week, it will be filled.
Although the travel distance is quite far, but I don't find it a problem to travel to work, nor do I need to rent a house here for the time being.

Monday, March 19, 2007


In another 2 hours, I'm going to start my new job in the new company. And
I've not even slept yet. I think I'm either too anxious to start the new job
or too scared to be late for work.

Now just let me try to get at least 1 hour of sleep before the day starts.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Nokia N95 Hands-On Experience

Finally, I got my hands on the actual unit of the N95. Lightweight and packed with features. Makes me drool over it. But since its a unit from Nokia to my friend for business purposes, I did not want to play with the contents inside. Who knows it might contain some confidential secrets.When I first lay my hands on it, I felt like I really want this phone. With battery in the unit, it is much lighter then it looks. According to the specification in the book, it weighs about 120g. Much lighter then the phone which I'm using right now.According to my friend, it will be reasonably priced when it hits the Singapore market, till that time, heheheh.......I'll be getting myself one unit if its price meets my budget.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Of Singaporean and Malaysian Drivers

I always knew that Singaporean drivers loves to speed on Malaysia Highways. It is not to say that we Malaysians don't speed, but we are liable to speeding tickets once we got caught. The speeding tickets simply has a way to reach our hands whether we like it or not.

I can guarantee that 70% of Singapore cars traveling on the North-South Expressways are speeding like nobody's business. As if they wanted to be the next F1 Champ. 150-220km/h are a common sight if you ever travel on the NSE. Especially some owners of Mercs, BMWs and Fancy Sport Cars. They simply want to show off their engine's power here on Malaysia Highways. They wanted to get the best time to reach KL in less then the stipulated time, which is 3.5 hrs if traveling at 110km/h.

For Singaporean drivers, speeding here in Malaysia is as though free, even if they are caught on camera. The Malaysian government simply does not have enough information to send them their tickets. Even if they ever received one, will they ever pay for the offense? I doubt so.

Therefore I would suggests to the Malaysian government have a special lane for the Singapore cars so that their cars would be scanned for any outstanding traffic violation tickets they had while they are driving in Malaysia. And make them pay on the spot. It's simply unfair for us Malaysians who are always paying the traffic summons only.

And that goes for Thailand cars also.

We can be rich from all those money collected.

Waterbottle Revived

I don't know how they do it, but they just come up with a replica of the old Motorola's "waterbottle" hand phone. Anyone interested?

Friday, March 02, 2007

Another Online Streaming TV

I discover this website which provides quite a number of TV shows online. Shows from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China are mostly available here. The performance is much faster then TVants. Check it out at Site is in Chinese.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

New Toy

I was shopping in KL alone and I found this. A portable speakers for MP3/MP4 players. Priced at $15.00.

Of course I got got myself one. Compared to those products by Creative, Altec Lansing, Sonic Gear, this is definitely a cheaper alternative.

It's battery operated and it can also draw power from a standard Nokia charger.