Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Everything's Up

The petrol prices are up.
Busfares will go up.
Airfares already up.
Water levels in Subang went up.
My weight is going up.
My monthly expenditure is going up.
Prices of everyday necessities are going up.
But will our pay go up like the petrol prices too??
The only thing coming down are the figures in my bank account. 8(

Items Suggestions

KKpan and I are quite excited about going camping. While doing shopping alone in Tesco at Mutiara Damansara. I saw some camping equipments. All quite reasonably priced.Display of camping equipments.
Masstin at RM$ 12.90.
Instant BBQ pit at RM$21.90.
Hexamine Cooker Set at RM$ 6.90.

Or, for the upcoming picnic trip, you can get waterguns here. (^^)
Btw, I'll be going down to the place tomorrow with 9. I'll post pictures of the place later.

My Car's 1st Service

I reached Perodua Service Centre at 1.30pm today. Just on time for my appointment. I saw quite a number of MYVIs parked by the side of the garage. All involve in some accidents. Below are some pics taken with my handphone. Sorry for the quality.

Last Day Of Febuary 2006

The last day of Febuary 2006. A memorable one. A day which all Malaysians will say "FUCKING CB!!!!!" in unison, in one voice. Why? Cause the petrol prices increased 30 cents per litre.

Fuck the government!!!! Why the increase so sudden? Not even a word before hand. They only announce it at 10.30pm last night. Why? To create nation wide panic rush to fill up their petrol tanks at the last minute? KNNBCCB!!!!!

Imagine that if your car has a 50L petrol tank, it'll costs you RM$ 96.00 per tank. And lets say that you fill up 5 times a month, that'll be RM$ 480.00 per month. And if you are paying installments for your car. I believed that it will be a very very serious burden for all.

Like paultan.org said in his article,
"The 50 litre fuel tank in my car would cost me RM96 to fill up now. With about 6-8 fill-ups a month… I’ve pretty much dug my own grave, jumped in it, and sealed it all up with cement and built a crypt in the shape of a petrol station around it. Millions of years later I would have turned into oil and you can pump me into your vehicles." (^^)

Well, the Government said that this will be the only increase this year? But who knows really? Only the Boss knew whats coming.

Last year, Malaysia Airlines said because of the increase in fuel prices, that's why they are making serious losses. How about this year? with a hike in petrol prices like today, you think MAS can do better this year? I'm no mathematician, but I think the logical way. This year will be the same as last year for MAS. Who knows? Maybe the government might use proceedings from this price increment to help MAS out of the lurge? Maybe that's why MAS is forcasting that they are seeing profits in 2007 as reported in this article by TheStar.

Like what I said just now, I'm no maths whiz. But thinking on a more logic and sensible way. If the Government uses the proceedings from this petrol hike to help MAS recover its business this year. Of course next year they will be seeing profits. If that is the case, well you might be one of the millions of MAS savers.

I know, fuel prices increase everyday around the world, thanks to that idiot who bomb Iraq. But we don't need to buy from others right? We have our own national petroleum company right? Why can't P'nas help local Malaysians? I can imagine the bosses laughing in their dreams every night. They are real penises.!!!!

But one thing for sure, this year will be a year for AirAsia and car makers who are coming out with better fuel economy engines, like Perodua. (^^)

One Step In The Grave

My PC is almost going to die soon. Now, the sound card is dead, the on-board sound card cannot work. Arrrgghhh.......I need a new PC. Now, I cannot watch movie, cannot listen to MP3, not even a notification from my friends in MSN.

The time has finally arrive, for a new PC. But one very serious problem hinder my way to get one, that is "I DON'T HAVE MONEY" 8(

I'll now work very hard to get the parts one at a time and hopefully by June, I can get myself a brand new gaming/cinema rig.

Monday, February 27, 2006

MPH Sale

MPH selling books. Selling books to uneducated people who park their cars illegally.

Please sell them books which teach them to park at proper place. Or rather sell them some recipes for making fruit jams, rather then creating traffic jams. Fuck those so call highly educated bastards who can't even park their cars at the correct places. CB!!!!

Superbly Malaysia

Malaysia roads are very versitile, they can grow, I mean really grow. 3 lanes road will automatically become 5 lanes when there is a jam or an emergency. Thanks to our wonderful Malaysian drivers. Or should I thank our Works Minister?
See what I meant, 3 lanes highway can become 5 lanes when there is an emergency. Like Sunday's flash flood at Shah Alam. Btw, photo is from NST website.


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Picnic Menu

This menu is just a rough idea of what to expect. I need an exact number of people going before we can decide on the portions required.
  • Fried Chicken/Curry Chicken
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Chicken Nuggets/Fish Fillets + Sausages
  • Salad + Fruits
  • Sandwiches + Agar-Agar
  • Soft Drinks + Mineral Water
Give me more suggestions. Then we decide on what to prepare. And I need volunteers in preparing the foods.

Items Required:
  • Paper Cups
  • Paper Plates
  • Plastic Fork and Spoons
  • Rubbish Bag
  • Mosquito Coils
  • Styrofoam Chiller Box
  • Tarp(If anybody got)

Friday, February 24, 2006

More K800 pics

It is unevitable, brace yourself for the coming of Sony Ericsson's K800i. I've surf to www.clubsonyericsson.com site and these are what I found. From these 2 photos, it seems that there are some minor differences to the front. Maybe it could be another one of those Walkman branded phone. I'm not sure about the back design shown here belongs to which phone. This article said that SonyEricsson will be annoucing their upcoming phone on 28th Feb.It comes with a 3.2MP camera, 16X digital zoom and Xenon flash. Xenon flash? Could it be another type of LED light?
I'll be waiting......\(^^)/

Damn it, I need to start saving money for this phone now.

Plans for Picnic Trip

I'm all worked up with the suggestion from KKpan to organize a picnic trip. For years we have done most things together like movies, trip to Langkawi, Day Trips, Makan Session. But never a picnic. So....Why not plan one for a start. Here's what I had in mind.
  • Each person will fork out about RM$50.00 or less for food/drinks,etc. $50.00 is just an estimated amount, it might be less.
  • The food can be anything but messy. Like sandwiches, fried beehoon, fried rice, sushi, chicken nuggets, cocktail sausages, fruits, chicken/fish curry, agar-agar. Anything which you guys can think of.
  • I will get a Styrofoam cooler box to chill our drinks. Coke, Sprite, Mineral Water, anything that you all can suggest.
  • We will use all disposable utensils. Remember to bring along some rubbish bag.
  • We will need a tarp for all of us to sit around. I'm still not so sure about the size of the tarp, maybe 3m x 5m.
  • We must get some mosquito coils.
Ah 9 suggested that we go to Ulu Yam's waterfall for the trip. I will go there and survey the surroundings on my offday next week. I will take some pictures of the surroundings and show it to all before we decide on an actual place. From what I heard is that there are public toilets available.

Hopefully everyone going will be mature enough in not endangering oneself or others by swimming to deep torrents area or climbing up the slippery rocks. We are there to relax not for Xgames.

The trip will falls on a weekend, maybe Saturday or Sunday, 18th or 19th March. Time will be from morning 11.00am till evening around 4.00pm-5.00pm.

I need an actual count of persons who are interested to go for the trip to plan better. Now from what I think is that there are about 7 of us, Me, Nick x 2, KKpan x 2, Ah 9, Roger. We need some more people to make it more enjoyable. I would suggest that you bring along water pistols and some balloons to make water bombs.

Any suggestions or confirmation of names can leave me a message in my Chatterbox on the left or Email me.

And KKpan, if only 7 of us are going, we can all squeeze into your Avanza. (^^)

A Tribute to the Winter Olympics 2006

This guy is .... I also don't know what to say.

LG P7200

Its a phone, a camera, a MP3 player, its everything you want in a phone. Priced at RM$1599. The price is a bit hefty. Equipped with a 2MP CMOS camera, LED light as flash and 4x digital zoom, this is nothing new. LG is simply following the bandwagon. Nothing spectacular about its camera. Its design is slim, with a zest of Motorola's Razr feel on the keypad and design. Nothing spectacular. The material used is plastic. Nothing spectacular.

Conclusion: Not something with this price should be. LG can do better then that. Don't be a follower, be innovative, be the leader.

LG R&D department, you can contact me to get some ideas of what should be in a camera phone. But I'll charge consultation fees. (^^)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Erica called me

Erica called me. Luckily I never picked up or return his call.


I wondered whether this is actually coincidence or real.


KKpan suggested that we go for a picnic at some waterfalls near KL. I need some suggestions. What I had in mind are Templer Park, Karak Highway, Akina. Any recommendations? And by the way, I want to go for some International Buffet which serves oysters. (^^) Maybe at Sunway Hotel? Who want to join me?

Slimming Methods

Want to slim down the easy way? Try out these 2 ways.

Or you can try this. I call it the lazy way.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A better way to peel potatoes

Have you ever wondered how can you peel a whole potato easily. Watch and learn.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Pink Panther Movie Trailer

This is definitely one of the must watch comedy this year.

Creative Zen Vision:M

This unit caught my eyes about 1 week back. The Creative's Zen Vision:M, it is Sim Wong Hoo's answer to Steve Jobs' Ipod Photos. I personally thinks that this unit beats Ipod Photos upside down. Why? The PRICE that is!!! At Rm$1299.00, you get 30GB of storage which will let you stores almost everything, like photos, videos, mp3s, bringing everything along with you. Although the size might be a bit bulkier then the Ipod, but who cares. The unit itself also includes a FM receiver. Try beating that, fucktard. Steve Jobs is a blood sucker. No wonder he got a serious hair loss. Retribution I think. (^^)

Getting My Car

I have to travel to Mentakab to drive my car back. Mentakab is located in Pahang, somewhere between Genting and Kuantan. I took a bus from Pekililing to Mentakab, which costs me Rm$8.00 and most one a half hours to get there. Which is just a way for me to kill some time by travelling there.

I've never actually been to Mentakab, to my surprise, it is actually quite a busy town.

Tada, my new car, at last.

初八Prayer Session

The 8th day of Lunar New Year, a day which all Hokkiens will pray to the Heavens. I don't know how the legends begins but all I know is that we are burning money every year.

The alter with offerings and paper gold ingots readied to be burn. Paper gold ingots waiting for the firestarter.
Money being burned. $$$ gone. Anyway, it is part of the Hokkiens culture to mark the Chinese New Year on the 8th day of the Lunar New Year.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Transformers will be a reality in near future.

I'm Sick

Fucking weather, I'm now down with fever, flu and cough. I hate being sick. And I hate taking medicines, makes me sleepy. I like sleeping and I don't need medication to help me with that, KNNBCCB.

Monday, February 06, 2006

What are they trying to say

CB, what is the Government trying to say. The money that the Government uses to subsidies the petrol also belongs to the people.

KLCC Aquaria

One of the most Majestic display of the KLCC aquaria, is a tube of fishes. 8) I've heard my friends said that it is even better then Singapore's Underwater World. To me, this is definitely better the Langkawi's Underwater World. Entrance is Rm$28 per head if you can show then your Mykad. Else it will be Rm$38. It also gives you a free Info-CD.

I went to Aquaria with Leah and friends. Took some photos, but because the lighting is so bad, it does not appear good(not because I'm lazy 8Þ). Below are some of the shots which are presentable.

This is me in front of some plastic shark mouth.
The most handsome and adorable of the batch, Joshua, Jenny's son.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Places I want to go

Below is the list of places that I wanted to go during my long holiday.

  1. Go to Ipoh (Done)
  2. Go to Malacca (Done)
  3. Go to Johor Bahru
  4. Go to Singapore
  5. Go to Thailand, Hatyai
  6. Go to Penang (Done)
Out of 6 places, I've already done 3. Hehe...don't worry, I still have 3 weeks leave remaining. I think I can at least visit another place.

My Dream Gear

I've always wanted to go treking, hikking, camping or travelling. And I need some basic travel gear which will serves all these purposes. Besides the usual digital camera and handphone, I need a set of good and reliable equipments. Therefore I intend to start my buying with these items. One at a time.

Bag: Deuter Futura 42

Emergency Tools: Victorinox Voyager Lite

Torch Lite: Nitepalm Field Lamp

Shoes: Crocs Aspen

If it is an overnight camping trip, then these are the extras that I would like to have as well.

Tent: Coleman's Sundome Tent

Water Bladder: Deuter's Streamer Paks

Survival Kit: Survival Inc's Ultimate Survival Kit

Power Source: Exponent Folding Solar Panel

Sony Ericsson's Upcoming K800i

While surfing Engadget site today, I saw this article. It seems that SonyEricsson is going to come up with a camera phone with a 3.2 Megapixels Camera, 466mb Internal Flash Memory, EDGE to name a few. Now that is what I call an advancement. Definitely got me interested in getting one.

But besides the usual multimedia capabilities, what I would also like SE to provide in a camera phone the followings:

  • 3.2 Megapixels Camera (Minimum)
  • Real Strobe Flash (Not LED Lighting aka. Flash claimed by most manufacturer)
  • Big Internal Memory (The More the Better)
  • External Memory Card Option (SD cards would be a better choice, cause cheap mah)
  • USB Connector (So that the phone can also serves as a pen-drive)
  • 3x Optical Zoom with 4x Digital Zoom (Yes, you can do it as what you did to DSC-T9)
  • High Capacity Batteries (which can last at leasts 5-6 days using GSM 1800)
  • High Quality Stereo Speakers (No crackling sound when the volume is too high)
  • Better Speaker Phone Quality (Cause with my experience with K700i, the speaker phone sucks)

So far, these are what I can think of at this moment. Maybe, I'll add more gimicks to my wish list if I think of something new.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006



Malacca Trip

The first thing that I noticed when I first step into Malacca Town is not the age old buildings. It's actually these 2 sign boards. Interesting eh?

Hero Records. Every Singer is a Hero.

Restoran Selvam. No wonder you sleep everynight. Must be tired travelling everyday to Malacca to run your own business.

Ah...!!! Malacca, a history riched state. It really can makes you forget havoc of modern cities. But one thing I must remind all you people, never go to Malacca during Holiday Period. Damn Farking Jam.

Even the fancifully decorated trishaws moves faster then us. Kind of sad.

First step into the streets of Malacca town almost felt like going back to the past. All these buildings are older then you and me. But the funny thing is that, it comes with a zest of modern creations. Like the Kaki house(which I called it)

Or the Orangutan House
Then we make our way to the most famous landmark in Malacca. The Stadthuys, otherwise known as the Red Church. Built in 1650, well that is about 356 years olds.

Think this is old wait will you see the St. Paul's Church. It was build in 1521, that is almost 500 years old. This is amazing! The buildings here have an age of at least 100 years.

Next landmark, the A'Famosa, it used to be a fort used by the Portuguese to defend the land. The cannons are facing the seas in the past and still is today. Now, we can't see the seas anymore, due the the land reclaimation done to the surrounding area.

We decided to go crazy, just look at the pics.

"Crococdile!" some auntie shouted. I think must be a Singaporean. This is a Godzilla. (^^)

Then we decided to walk back to Jonker Street. Another place you must visit. Very very crowded place. Here you can find arts, antiques and a lot of old old shop houses.

The Stupid King

My crazy dog is so stupid that he goes and cover his face in the joss stick ash.

My Weight

Before of start of Chinese New Year, I've taken my weight on 25th Jan 2006. and it shows 105kg. Today, it shows 108kg.

@#$%* the Satay Celup