Friday, March 31, 2006

Old photos of KL places

I found these photos by chance while browsing thru some folders. These are dated in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

MASEU's Rants

Last day of March 2006, for flashback, I've done quite a few things this month, like getting a new contract, done the picnic at Ulu Yam. But what made me more concern is this news which I've read from Malay Mail.

P/S:Quotes in blue are my own views.

PLAN TO RETRENCH 6,500 MAS STAFF : Union: Cancel lay-off exercise
SUBANG JAYA, March 31:
Malaysia Airlines (MAS) workers will hold mass pickets if the airline proceeds with plans to lay off up to 6,500 staff.(Sadly, One of the unavoidable move)

Thousands of unionised Malaysia Airlines (MAS) staff will also wear black arm bands if the lay-offs, as part of the rationalisation of domestic air routes between MAS and low cost carrier AirAsia, are implemented.(Waste money again)

The decision to take industrial action was made yesterday in an emergency exco meeting of the Malaysian Airlines System Employees Union (MASEU).(Meetin or Meetout also no use)

“We will hold a nationwide picket if this happens. We don’t want to see any MAS employee out of a job, even if it is through a Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) exercise. Our fear is that it will not be a voluntary exercise. No MAS employee should be forced to leave. And certainly not for the benefit of another new airline,’’ said MASEU president Alias Aziz.<=Go see doctor or pick up the soap

He said MASEU officials are scheduled to meet the airline management next week to discuss the latest developments and how union members would be affected. They also hope to meet senior officials of the Ministry of Finance over the issue as soon as possible.(You think meeting MPs can save your asses?)

“We want the authorities to call off the plan to reduce staff strength at MAS. It is not fair that we, who have been in the airline business for longer and have served the country from its inception, are told to leave while the new players in the industry lap it all up,” he said.(Pick up that soap!! Only one company is able to make you, a National Icon, go weak in your knees)

“Why can’t the authorities give our new managing director (Idris Jala) a chance to work out his turnaround plans? If the authorities go ahead with the exercise to reduce the staff strength, we will start wearing the arm bands and picket at our respective stations.’’ (From what I know, this is part of the plan)

It is learnt that should the authorities go ahead with the staff reduction exercise, the union is likely to ask for a minimum RM200,000 compensation for each employee, given the long service of most of the staff.(You must be dreaming)

Under the rationalisation exercise announced by the Government on Monday, several of the domestic routes operated by MAS will be taken over by AirAsia, leaving the national carrier 19 trunk routes while AirAsia will take over 96 routes. (Airasia given a chance to proof themselves or given a bone to chew)

The move will see MAS reducing its 23,000 staff strength by about 6,500. AirAsia is also believed to have offered job opportunities to 1,000 of the affected MAS employees.
(AirAsia is trying to save your asses in taking up the unprofitable routes and giving jobs to you)

It seems that MASEU is trying to hold some sort of protest if their boss goes ahead with its VSS. From my knowledge, sometimes when the company needs to cut down costs, it's either going to do a pay review for all the staffs or cut down the number of staffs. Some companies even worst, they come in both. But from what I've read here, it seems that MASEU is only making noise over the VSS. Therefore, it means that there is on pay cut yet.

If they are already making so much noise on the VSS, imagine what will happened if the boss does a comapany wide pay cut. World War III?

I think if without these 6500 staffs, the company might survive longer, if with these staffs around, the company might die even faster.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

My very own Crocs

Finally after 3 days of pure waiting, my CROCS shoes is ready for collection. I picked up my pair at around 3.00pm today at the pharmacy which I ordered from 3 days back.

Hehe, now my boss cannot scold me for not wearing shoes to work now.


Today I'm a very happy man. Why? Cos I got a new DVD burner. And you know somthing? I had already backed up 9GBs of data. Leaving me more space to download whatever I want. (^^)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I've bought the "always wanted but have to work with budget" CROCS shoes. The model that I got is the Professional. Price at $159, I got mine yesterday thru a pharmacy in PJ. And I'll be collecting it tomorrow. (^^)

Monday, March 27, 2006

November Trip

Hatyai this coming November. Anyone wants to follow?

The Wood's Resort Picnic Trip

After much planning and buying, on the 18th Mar. We are finally there. At The Wood's Resort for a BBQ Picnic. Located at Ulu Yam, its about 15-20 minutes drive from Selayang. Starting my trip at 9 in the morning, I picked up Old man Nick and went to Setapak to meet up the gang. After that, we are off to there. When we reach there the first thing that we had to do is to start the fire for the BBQ. With no experts around, so we start doing it our way, with charcoal, some firestarters and newspapers.
Caveman Pan

Yalar Yalar, I know all of you are happy.

What are you pointing at?

Starting the fire again.

A well trained corn eater, I've never seen someone who can eat corn so clean and neat.

WEI!!! I don't remember having THIS in the menu.

After some makan, its time to hit the water. And KKpan start building a sand castle.

After 15 minutes, he's still working hard on the sand castle.

Pufferfishes Lover Sighted. Targeting.

Group Photo

Leaving the Wood's Resort

Dinner at Burger King.

This trip really worn us out. I don't know about others, but I reached home at about 7.30pm and slept till 3.00pm the next day. Terror right?

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Strange Number

I got a call from a very strange number today. "1234567890" ?I never know that there's a new telco in Malaysia using prefix 123.


Have you ever wondered?

Why people tends to sleep more soundly when it is raining outside? Sometimes, when it is raining outside, I had the urge to call in sick. I just want to toss and turn in my bed. Why are we behaving like this? Is it because the rain drops outside is like a lullaby to our ears, which can calm our mind? Is the mind free of the daily stress of modern life when it is raining while we are sleeping?

And WHY will the mind be free? The only one I can think of is that our mind intends to think that the rain outside is going to flood your office and your boss will declare an emergency offday for that day. Therefore no need to work.


Monday, March 20, 2006


I've done the picnic trip and have taken quite a number of photos. I'm now in the process of resizing them for the Internet before I post them up here. Be patient huh....these few days working mah.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Self Inflating Camping Mat

I just love innovative gadgets. From PDAs to Phones. Now to camping gears. I am doing some windows shopping in 1 Utama that day and guess what I found. A Self Inflating Camping Mat with Pillow. (^^) Priced at Rm$ 138.00, that's comfort for a price. I personally thinks that it is quite innovative. A Self Inflating Mat wor, where do you normally gets all these cool stuffs.

It sure adds into my camping gear list.

Monday, March 13, 2006

I noticed

That there are some slight differences between the Racing Edition and Normal Marlboro. The one on the left is the normal one and on the right is the racing edition's. (^^)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

DiGi not given 3G license

DiGi was not awarded a third-generation (3G) spectrum license because it is a foreign company, said Energy, Water and Communications Minister.

Fuck!!!! If you cannot give foreign companies a chance to expand, do you think foreign companies would want to invest in Malaysia. Stupid Minister.
Although you said that people can still continue to invest in the Malaysia, I personally think that people would think twice before doing so. Even if DiGi successfully got the 3G license, do you think that they want to develope 3G in some other countries. And if there is one rule which states that foreign countries are not able to contest in the tender for 3G license, do you think DiGi would be so stupid to waste their time to do something which they know that they would fail in the first place.

Go and rethink your position as a EWC Minister. You old faggard, I wonder whether you know how to use the computer or not.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Marlboro Racing Edition

I've always have and penchant for specially edition cigarettes box design. Most of the cigarettes that I bought never last more then 5 days in my hand, in fact it will definitely be less then that.

This morning something caught my eyes while at Shell Station. A racing edition of Marlboro Red. As you can see in F1 races, Ferrari's team is linked to Marlboro and Shell since don't know when. There are 3 designs together and I managed to get 2 of them. No increase in price, but a change of design then the usual red and white box.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Digital Camera

KKpan said the most astonishing thing till date. "I need to buy a digital camera!", he said. A surprise to all of us sitting around the table. KKpan wor, a hardcore old school photographer wants to buy a digicam wor. Now that's the sentence of the century. Now KKpan, finally, you have see the benefits of having a digicam. Why not me, as a digicam user give you some advice on getting a new camera.
  • Get one with image stabilizer.
  • Get something that can gives you a good night shot.
  • Get one with manual controls on shutter speed, or anything that you as a pro would like.
  • Get one which enables you to get cheap recording media like SD Card. Sony's Memory Card and Fuji's XD Card is a no no.
  • Brand of the Lens that comes with the camera is not so important as the most important thing is that the quality of picture that it can produce.
  • Get one with the longest battery life, you will never want to carry all the necessary charger with you on a trip.
Now if you consider all the above points. I believe that you can get one which is almost equivalent to a normal film camera. I'll pass you a magazine which reviews some of the latest cameras in the market. Have a look and decide what you want.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Camping? Anyone?

Camping, camping, camping. Back to nature with fanciful never before seen equipments.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Updates On Picnic Trip

We'll be going to the Woods Resort at Ulu Yam on the 18th Mar, Saturday. We will be doing a BBQ and estimated each person will be RM$ 20.00. Below are some of the photos that I took last week while I was there.The Entrance to the resort.

BBQ Pits with table and shelter by the side.

Food Menu will be as follows:
  1. Bacon - $3.95 per 100g (500g to 1kg) = 19.75
  2. Taiwan Sausage - $7.00 per pack of 5pcs (2 packs) = 14.00
  3. Sausage - $2.30 per pack of 10pcs (3 packs) = 6.90
  4. Chicken Wings - $7.80 per 1kg (2kgs) = 15.60
  5. Maize - $0.89 per pcs (5pcs) = 4.50
  6. Ham - $1.99 per 100g (500g) = 10.00
  7. Drinks - $6.49 per 6 cans pack (3 packs) = 19.50
  8. Cup Jelly - $1.29 per pack (2 packs) = 2.60
  9. Marshmallows - $6.50 for Large Pack

Other extras like servets, chopsticks, forks, butter, honey, coal and firestarter will be around RM$ 15.00. If anyone of you thinks that the food are not enough, just let me know. I'll add more to it.

And I'll call up the resort and book for the pit on that day.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

TM Net's Sulking

Peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic is choking up local broadband lines with 20% of users utilising 80% of the total bandwidth, according to Internet service provider (ISP) TM Net Sdn Bhd.

On the above statements made by TMNet which I read in TheStar. I think TMNet is just plain sulking and does not want to upgrade their lines to faster speeds. In another words, just suck money from us and providing the same thing, without considering the need to increases their broadband's infrastructure. In TMNet's GM statement he also said that TMNet will not upgrade their lines if the local users continue to abuse the bandwidth.

WTF is he trying to say, now just do the maths, if 1 user subscribe to TMNet 1MB line package at RM$ 88.00 per month. Let's multiply the figure by 1000. So 1000 users will be using a total of 1000MB/1GB of bandwidth, and TMNet's earning RM$ 88000.00 per month. In 1 year, TMNet will be earning RM$ 1,056,000 from these 1000 users. What if we multiply the users number by 5x? I believed that the numbers are very clear to all.

I believe that if the user subscribe to 1MB line, I don't think TMNet is so generous to supply them with 2MB bandwidth. So how can he said that we are abusing our local broadband. The bandwidth must be catered to the numbers of registered users, for God's sakes. What an IDIOT!!!!! (^^)

The Client pays RM$ 88.00 for 1MB line, the provider collects $RM 88.00 and supplies 1MB line, 1000 Clients requires 1000MB, the provider provides 1000MB, END OF STORY. That's the rule of business, simple isn't it?

Each TMNet users' mind are also very simple, I pay RM$ 88.00 per month, I get 1MB of bandwidth with unlimited usage. AND I CAN USE IT HOWEVER I WANTED.

The irony thing is that although we paid for a 1MB line, we will only get about 70% of that speed. The fact is stated here. The statement says, "Generally, the results from this test should be close, but less, than your rated (purchased) line speed. If you can get close to 70% of your rated line speed, everything is perfect!"

I'm no expert in the broadband thingy, I only have a simple mind. But 70%..??!!! That is about 700Kb, which in another words means TMNet's advertisements had some misleading elements in it. If we signed up for a 1MB line and gets 70% of it, where does the remaining 30% goes? Maybe thru out the world, every boardband user is getting like 70% of the promised bandwidth. But like what I said just now, I only have a normal mind, and thinking as logically as possible. The conclusion that I had is simple.....THIS IS A RIPOFF!!!! Why not TMNet give us a 30% discount of the RM$ 88.00 we are paying monthly instead? Like that we can save RM$ 26.40 per month, which means we can get another extra 13.75L of RON97 petrol for our car every month from the savings.

Upgrade your infrastructure to provide faster speeds you bastards!!!!! Decrease the price you bastards!!!!! Increase your coverage you bastards!!!!! Still dare to sing "This is the broadband age not stone age" on television some more. For God's sake, go and rethink your business strategy, you bastards!!!!!

As usual, we Malaysians are used to the facts that if local Government/Semi-Government owned companies are not doing well, they will try to put the faults onto others.

"Malaysia Really Boleh"


It has been confirmed. The problem that my PC is facing now is the motherboard's problem. Even when I tried another sound card on to the board. It fails to detect the sound card. On Monday, I'll operate on my PC.

Friday, March 03, 2006

So Near Yet So Far

Singapore Government is giving their citizens money as reported in The Newpaper. As far as I know, the last time Singapore Government handed money out to their citizens was like 4 years ago. And the amount is quite substantial. Not SGD$ 50.00 or such. You will get about SGD 2800.00 if you have 6 family members and earning a total income of SGD 10k per month as reported.

How come Malaysia never gave money to us. On the contrary, they are asking money by increasing the price of petrol. On a yearly basis some more. Try to learn from your neighbor you bastards!!!!

K800i Video

Thursday, March 02, 2006

SonyEricsson's K800i is Official

Finally..!!! Something worth waiting for is finally here. The SonyEricsson's K800i, an advancement in combining a quality digicam and a phone. This unit will make all other competitors drop their jaws. This first 3.2MP camera under SE's name. And I can gurantee that everyone will be leaving their digicam at home once this unit is out. I can definitely be one of them.

This is actually almost like my dream phone. It's a phone, its a camera, it's a MP3 player, it's everything that I wanted. Enough talk. I'll just simply show you what are the features available in this phone. You can read more at SonyEricsson's Product Page.

Key features
Cyber-shot™ 3.2 megapixel digital camera with autofocus
Xenon flash - real photographic light
Music and video player
BestPic™ - pick the best, delete the rest
3G - high speed Internet services
Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) support

Camera integrated
Video Call
Video Clip
Video record
Video streaming
Built-in 3.2 megapixel camera gives you high-quality digital images
Digital camera menu
Function that digitally adjusts the focal length of the camera lens to make the subject appear nearer or further away.
Macromedia Flash Lite™ (trademark of Macromedia)
Picture editor
Picture effects
Picture phonebook
Picture wallpaper
SVG Tiny 1.1
Themes display
Viewfinder display
Wallpaper animation

Instant Messaging
MMS (Multimedia Messaging)
MMS Video
Predictive text input
SMS long (Text Messaging)
Sound recorder

Games Download
Games Embedded
Media Player
Music tones (MP3/AAC)
Polyphonic ringtones
3D games
FM radio RDS
Java MIDP2
Mega Bass™ (trademark of Sony Corporation)

USB support
Fast port
Synchronization PC
USB mass storage

File manager
Memory Stick
PIM Sync
Alarm clock
Business card exchange
Code memo
Conference calls
Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) (Trademark of Sony Corporation)
Phone book