Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thomas Leong's Bachelor Night

Just came back from Thomas' House Warming/Bachelor Night. Tomorrow's the big day for him man. Congratulations!!!!!! After the wedding dinner, we will wait for your baby's full month dinner. (^^)I took some photos this evening, too shy to take much. So here I am posting some of them here. Just some candid shots.Jerry Chups aka FuLutt.His jeans is dropping. (^^)
The 2 Leongs negotiating how much to drink. (^^)

I also include a very rare footage of Thomas kena'ing a glass of wine from us. Quite funny actually.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the following:
"You can do it"
"Ice Please!!!"
"On the rock"
And many many "Fuck You"

I think tonight Thomas will have a very good night's sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Zachary and gang,

It was really fun. Thanks guys.