Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mood Clock

I got a similar clock at Kepong Baru Pasar Malam last week. The price RM 15.00, from IWOOT website £ 14.95.
Sometimes, you can also get special things at Pasar Malam one. 8)

Rooms Availability

My friends....I've called up all the resorts and this is what I've got.

Ancasa Resort - 06-6627288
2 Rooms Apartment - RM 288.00 per night, sleeps 4 persons.
3 Rooms Apartment - Rm 388.00 per night, sleeps 6 persons.
Extra Bed - RM 40.00
Availability - 3 rooms apartment for 24th are fully booked.

Glory Beach Resort - 06-6516888
2 Rooms Apartment - Fully Booked on the 24th June.
3 Rooms Apartment - RM 300.00 per night, sleeps 5 persons.
Extra Bed - RM 30.00

Sunshine Bay Resort - 06-6477018
2 Rooms Apartment - RM 170.00 per night, sleeps 4 persons.
3 Rooms Apartment - RM 210.00 per night, sleeps 5 persons.
Extra Bed - RM 30.00
*Resort charges extra RM 30.00 for the use of the BBQ pits. We cannot use our own BBQ tray.

For Bayu Beach Resort and Residence Desa Lagoon Resort all rooms are fully booked on that

So from the info that I got from them, it seems that Sunshine Bay offers the best deal. We can virtually get a 5 rooms apartment at the cost RM 380.00 or a 6 rooms apartment at the cost of RM 420.00. I'll try to work around a budget of between RM 50 - 65 per person inclusive of food and lodgings.

Leave me comments or suggestions for any other resorts which you can think of eh....


This movie really sucks. I would rate it 1 star. Angel only came out 3 scenes. The metal guy.....is damn sad la, I can't even see his transformation properly. This movie really gives me the feeling that they are trying to rip the people's money from their pockets. RM $12.00 for such show, I would pui over it. DON'T WATCH IT IN CINEMA. Better to BT it and watch it at home.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ancasa Resort

While TT with Uncle Nick and Jing, he suggested to consider Ancasa Resort as well. After some checking on the Internet, here's what I found.

Ancasa Resort - Priced at RM 385.00(Approx.) Non-seaview for 3 rooms apartment.

View of the condo

It comes with a nice swimming pool. Price is a bit high as shown on the Internet. Info can be found here.

For all the 5 resort that I've mentioned, I'll make a call to them next week to get more information. Stay tuned.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Which Resort?

I've got 4 names for the resort that we will be staying in PD. First of all let me give a brief description of each resort. All seems promising, but I'll let everyone to decide which one to stay.

Glory Beach Resort - Priced at RM 290.00(approx.), 3 bedrooms apartments.
The aerial view of the resort.

This resort is just next to the beach. Has a beautiful pool as you can see here. More information of the room can be found at this URL. It seems that the apartment also comes with a kitchen.

Bayu Beach Resort - Priced at RM 470.00(approx.), 3 bedrooms apartment.
Entrance to the Resort

From the picture above, I cannot comment much on this resort except for the price. The rooms shown here seems nice.

Residence Desa Lagoon Resort - Priced at RM 302.00(approx.), 3 bedroom apartment.
Night view of the resort

Nice environment, seems romantic. Reasonably priced. Rooms seems nice as shown in here.

Sunshine Bay Resort - Price at RM 300.00(Approx.), 3 bedrooms apartment.
Entrance View of the resort

Seems nice, but they will charge extra RM 20.00 for the BBQ pit. A minus point. Rooms seems nice. Info can be found here. Located next to the beach.

So which resort do you prefer? Vote before the 10th of June.

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PD Trip Menu

For lunch I would recommend that we had them at PD, once we reached there at around 12.00pm.

And for the BBQ menu, these are the food which we had think of.
  1. Chicken Wings
  2. Taiwan Sausages
  3. Hotdogs
  4. Stuffed Sausages
  5. Bacon
  6. Ham
  7. Marshmallows
  8. Sandwiches
  9. Fish Fillets
  10. Spagetti (Optional)
  11. Drinks (Softdrinks)
Don't hesitate to recommend some if you think it is not enough. Be prepared to gain some weight (^^)

HamSap Cat

I wish I was that cat.

I Died Laughing

Japan is a very advance country and yet their English is really.......... I also don't know what to say. Anyway this clip is a gameshow in Japan where contestants will watch a video of someone learning English. If any of them laugh, they will be punished.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Accommodation in PD

We had a short talk with KKpan's GF on Thursday night regarding the apartments that we can rent for our trip. One of the names mentioned is Laguna. From what I've checked on the Internet, I would like to mark this resort out. It is just like some condos here in KL. Nothing special. You can have a look at the following URL.

I would like to consider Glory Beach Resort. The photos looks nice. The resort itself sits by the beach and it does have many activities which we can do. Like an obstacle race (^^). See for yourself here and here. The price is 230.00 for a 3 room apartment with 60.00 surcharge on Saturday.

Anyway, there are still other apartments which I have not gone thru yet. I'll update more on the lodging side. Stay tune.

Christian Names

I was wondering what is in a name. Many of my friends have a Christian name, and I know one stupid girl who has 3 names. Now let me search what is in the names of my friends.

This name is of German origin and it means 'lord'. The most famous of this popular name is the Roman Emperor Henry the Good who ruled in then tenth century.

The name of one pope and more than ten saints. The most famous is St Nicholas the bishop of Myra, Lycia. A great example in generosity. This name is of Latin origin and means 'successful commander'. Many variations exist such as Nichol, Nick and Nickolas.

This name is both a first name and a surname. Some saints bore this name. (As in Roger Roger?)

This name of one Scottish saint. This Scottish word means 'Master of the earth'.

This Christian name was borne by many French kings and a number of saints. Many variations exist such as Lewie, Lewis, and Luigi. It is of Frankish origin.

Originates from a Latin word which means ‘olive’.

Originates from the Hakka word chipet which means pu$$y.

(^^) The last name is my own entry.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Port Dickson Trip

It has been set. We will be going to PD on 24th-25th of June. Currently the people going will be as follows:
  1. Pet
  2. Nick
  3. Olivia
  4. KKpan
  5. Meiling
  6. Roger
  7. Me
  8. And 3 other friends
Ah 9 will not be joining us. Below is his coversation with me.

Zagary said:
9, pd on next month june 24-25?
Zagary said:
with you going, there will be about 11person
Root-X said:
most prolly not going lor .. end of month sure kering 1 hahaha
Zagary said:
about 50-70 per person mah
Zagary said:
pet also going
Root-X said:
nvm la .. u guys go la ..
Zagary said:
ok lor

I'll try to goreng him more when I see him. The more the merrier mah. 9 after this PD trip, maye we will try to organise more trips together mah. Back to nature, that's what you have said previously.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Indian Excuses

I really have to salute to those Indian guys who can come up with all these fantastic reasons to be exempted from work. And these REASONS works.

  • House on fire
  • Family members passed away
  • Kena Nail
  • Motorbike stolen

And for whatever reasons he gave, he sure can return to work the next day smiling. I believed that his boss must have asked him what happened the next day when he comes back to work. And these might be his explaination.

House on fire - The house behind mine is on fire.
Family members passed away - The boss normally wouldn't ask about these. And moreover 1 family member can only be used once.
Kena Nail - My car kena nail, not my foot.
Motorbike stolen - But he can come to work on a bike.

CB!!!! 8 out of 10 Indians are like that in Malaysia. Although I don't hate them, but I would not want to be working with one who can give fantastic reasons like above. Who knows, maybe there are some even better ones which some of you might have come across.

Just like Samy, blaming it on the weather.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Too Lazy

Recently I'm very lazy to update my blog. I do not have much recent happenings this 2 weeks. I cannot possibly write about my friend's pass away. But I'll try to take more photos and and write about them.

1st Anniversary

Haha, tomorrow marks the 1st anniversary of me starting a blog. Since May 05, the total visitors are 959, averaging 4 visitors per day. Not an appealing figure, but who cares, I keep this blog to record all my life's happenings for my own entertainment. (^^)

Friday, May 12, 2006

KFC Again

I'm stuck to KFC's OR chicken. I had them today again at Sri Sinar, near Pet's house. So far, this is the one of those outlets which still serves their chickens on plastic plates. Unlike some other restuarants, which serves them on paper trays. Kinds of bring me back to the old days. What's next, hopefully Macdonalds can serve their Filet-O-Fish in blue styrofoam box. (^^)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mister Singapore 2006

See and judge for yourself. I'll just show you all 1 of the contestants. For the rest, you can see them here.

Dubai World Islands

Why Middle-East are so rich? Why can they come up with such ideas? Does the differences between the rich and the poor enables the rich to think of more crazy things to do? What's next? Creating Space on earth? CB!!!!! Donate 1% of your riches to me. Email and I'll give you my bank account.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Today after midnight at exactly 01:02:03hrs 04:05:2006. It will be known as 123456. This time will only appear every one hundred years. That last time this time appear is 1906. So consider yourself lucky to witness this MOMENT in your life time.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New SD Card

I've finally got myself a 1GB SD Card. After much deliberation at the shop in Low Yat, I've decided to get myself a 50X 1GB Card at $125.00. Although the normal card costs, $110.00, decided to give the faster card a try. I've been taking about 30 test pictures for now and it doesn't seems to pose a problem....yet. Hopefully, it will not give me any problem at all.

BTW, the original battery for my camera costs $220.00. CB...!!!!!

Long Hair For Me?

Long or short hair?

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Mayday Rants

I spent the whole Labour Day sleeping!!!!!!!

Unlike those who work normal shift, I pratically spent my whole first offday sleeping. Although I would spend approx. 1hr surfing the net during the break from sleeping. Sometimes I wondered is it because I'm just too lonely. I have too much time to spare and I don't know how to make good use of it. I've been telling myself to take up some hobbies, but it seems that I'm just too lazy to move. Maybe its because if I were to take up some, I would feel bored doing it alone. Even the much anticipated, camping trip. It has been months since I bakared KKpan and Ah 9. And till today, nothing materialises. Blame it on my laziness.

Like today, 1st May, I spent the whole day sleeping till 9pm, woke up and then went to the bank and after that, went makan with Irene and Victoria. Although I did called Uncle Nick for tea session, I just dropped dead after I'd reached home. What la....!!!!! I can't even hear my phone ringing. WTF!!!!!!

Even though this job is tedious, mainly from the 12hrs shift that I had to go through. But I still love this job. Mainly because of the pay and offdays that I get to enjoy. Taking 2 days leave entitled me to a one week off. (^^) Allowing me to do the things that I liked.

Now it seems that I'm back to square one again.


Monday, May 01, 2006

$2.50 No More?

I got a shock when the window staff at Mcdonalds Drive-Thru at Centre Point told me that the Double Cheese Burger had increased its price from $2.50 to $5.10. WTF now no more cheap burger from Mcdonalds. But from the its website, it still said that the price is still at $2.50.

I'll try to verify it at another McD outlet soon. (^^)