Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Its not easy being Ah Tong

Its not easy being me because of the following points:
  1. I'm fat.
  2. I'm very very lazy.
  3. I need to maintain my body weight. (^^)
  4. I'm not visually appealing.
  5. I can consider myself anti-social.
  6. I have a hairstyle which is about 2 decades old.
  7. I'm not rich.
  8. I have a job which requires me to work only 2 weeks per month.
  9. I get 1 week of off days if I apply 2 days leave.(terms and conditions apply)
  10. I can sleep during work hours.
  11. I can go shopping at 1Utama while working.(terms and conditions apply)
  12. I'm into all the latest gadgets.
  13. I read HWM magazine but prefer Playboy and Hustler.
But I enjoy my current life and hoped to improve its quality in the near future.

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