Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Compulsory 1st Month Botakness

Well as you know, every newborn 1st month is to shave their head. My son is no different. So my mom took my son to an Indian shop to shave his.

IMG_6642edit [640x480]

IMG_6648edit [640x480]

Of course he can smile now.

IMG_6660edit [640x480]

But when he is awake and knew that his hair are gone, he is pissed (^^)

Monday, December 07, 2009


I can understand the awhness in this picture,

20091202111_edited-1 [800x600]


20091207116_edited-1 [800x600]

This is just too much.

20091207120_edited-1 [800x600]

And how can my son sleep so soundly???

Thanks to his Grandma, these photos became the first for him.

Aaden at 3 Week Old

My son at 3 weeks old. For those who are eager to see how he is doing, well these are photos.

And of course my mom is very happy to be a grandma (^^)