Wednesday, November 22, 2006


A friend from China brought over some special ingredients from GuangXi, which is essential to make YouCha (油茶). My friend told me that its taste is similar to Hakka's LeiCha (雷茶). I've never tried any LeiCha in my life. But some health enthusiasts said that it is one of the healthiest food. WTH, since it is from a faraway place, I might as well try it once in my life.
Unlike the LeiCha, YouCha only had 3 main ingredients, roasted peanuts, fried glutinous rice puffs and spring onions.
Peanuts and Spring onions are easily available here.
The special processed glutinous rice will be fried till it become puffs. I heard from my friend that it is not available here in Malaysia. But to me glutinous rice is just glutinous rice.

The way to eat it is to mix all the rice puffs, peanuts and spring onions in one bowl and pour in some tea, boiled with ginger and spring onions. The taste is a bit bitter. Maybe I'm not used to it, I don't know how to enjoy it. So much for a bowl of YouCha.

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