Friday, September 29, 2006

Random Photo Post

Guess who they are.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Latest One Piece Progress

Some of you might have already gave up following One Piece. But I started following back the serials recently. This clip is one of the fight scene in episode 273. New level of fighting. Getting more and more similar to DragonBall.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Various Stages of Growing Up

I wanted to write this entry since I started this blog of mine. So here it is, me, the glorious me in various stages of growing up. I told some of you before that I wasn't fat when I was younger, all of you don't believe me, so today I'll show you the naked me.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Discount Cards

I am a very kind person. (^^) When I got good things, I share with you people one.

Like I'd got a HANGTEN's 50% discount card and a DOMINOS' "Buy 1 Large Pizza & get another large one free" If anyone want of you like to use them, please let me know. But remember to return it to me.
And I also got a lot of loyalty programs cards, if by chance you are shopping at these places, I wouldn't mind that you take my card and earn points for me. (^^)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Good Internet TV Program

By chance, I stumbled upon a very interesting program, TVants. This software allows you to watch international TV programs online. I've downloaded it and managed to watch CCTV4 online. The quality is almost the same as TV with occasional jerks due to our lousy broadband connections.

From their website, there are almost about 776 channels online.

Their official website is coded in Chinese. But you can use or to translate it to english.

Go try out the program eh.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Malaysia's Potholes

Recently, one of the local newspaper reported that a old senior died after falling into a flooded pothole in Puchong. 3 hours later, Local City-Hall covered the pothole immediately. Why the fark did they cover the pothole only after a death had occured?

Local municipal councils are always like that. When they get complaints on road potholes, they will dilly-dally and wait for an auspicious day to carry out the work, the public will have to wait for weeks, months or even years to get that stupid hole fixed.

But from the report that I've read, if you want to speed things up, all you have to do is to die there and the pothole will be fixed the next day.

Empty promises are just not good enough. People died because of some authorities inability to handle simple complains.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

HatYai Bombings

This is disturbing, 1 week after I'd returned from Hatyai, it was being attacked by some idiotic terrorists who wanted to get benefits from the government in the name of religion. These people are really idiots who don't go to school or did they went to some schools which do not teach maths and science?

According to the reports from Bangkok Post, at least 4 people were killed and 60 of them injured. The motorbike bombs went off just after everyone had their dinner at about 9.30pm. I've been to some of these places when I was there like Diana Shopping Centre, Lee Gardens Hotel and Odeon Shopping Mall.

This is really disturbing, I had plans to go there again. But because of this incident, I had to deter my plan till later dates.


Hell to those idiotic terrorists!!!!!!

Read Here!!!

Gadgets I got at Danau Kota 16/9/2006

I'd got myself some special gadgets/toys from Danau Kota, yesterday night.

An invisible ink pen $5. Selling $35 at 1Utama.A LED Fan $10.

That's why I like to go jalan jalan at Danau Kota (^^)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hidden Tiger, Crouching Beetle

Never look down on old cars. They can smoke you gaugau.

Faster Than It Looks - video powered by Metacafe

Cute Animals

Silly Japanese Pets - video powered by Metacafe


This is Jay Chou's new song. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Indian Superhero

Super Heroes never fails to captures anyone's interests, from young to old, everyone loves superheroes. However, it seems that only US and Japan creates the most SuperHeroes we've known. We have movies, TV shows about them. Example, for Superman, there's a total of 5 movies since late 1970s, Spiderman,X-Men,Ultraman,Power Rangers each have their fair share of movies and TV shows too.

Now let's welcome the newest superhero from INDIA, Krrish. (^^)I can't help but to download this hype movie which is making waves in India before its launch sometime back ago. Reviewers said that this movie is a "SuperDuper Hit from Bollywood". Although I'm not a Bollywood fan except for the pretty actresses that they had. I had the urge to watch this movie and see what's so great about it.

Like in all Bollywood movies, we will be greeted with dancing and singing around the garden, hiding behind trees, hero and heroine looking at each other passionately in the eyes , a few times throughout the movie. And to mind you, most of Bollywood movies are about 3hrs long. And the hero and heroine are both handsome and beautiful.

Krrish had all these ingredients. I don't know why Bollywood movies are made this way. But who cares as long as the producers are making money from it.

After watching the movie, I had some conclusions about this movie. Although the storyline sucked, but the scenary in the beginning of the movie really took my breath away. It seems that this place is somewhere in India. And like all superheroes, he is poor. He doesn't even have the money to buy his own mask. Plus he don't fly.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

HatYai Trip

It has been 4 days since I've returned from Hatyai. What I say about this trip is nothing spectacular. Although I've always wanted to visit Thailand for some SPECIAL reasons, but this trip doesn't actually gives me the total satisfaction that I wanted.

First of all, I don't know how to speak Thai(Of Course!). Secondly, I have to endure a 15 hours train ride to Thailand.
Would I go there again? Of course!!!! but this round, its gonna be a hell of a shopping trip.
This is where I stayed.
And of course, my room.
Hatyai's Night View. Sorry for the blurry image.
On the way back, I was hoping to get a private cabin. But they are not available to/from Hatyai. Anyway, next round I'll just take a bus there. (^^)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Vouch to quit smoking

Cigarettes once again increased 40 cents. Now it costs me $7.40 to purchase a pack. So I've decided to give up smoking. Not immediately but slowly. Maybe by next month I'm a smoke free person. But I'll need some sort of replacement like holding a pen to emulate a cigarette.

Now let's make this vow happens.

Millionaire Dreams Lives

This month, I've purchased a total of 34 big sweep tickets. More chances then last month. Let lady luck smile on me.

Steve Irwin Dead

Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin passed away today due to an diving accident.

Heed advice

Do not talk on the handphone while driving. I learn the lesson the hardway. CB, I lost the race in Need For Speed while talking on the phone. (^^)

Sunday, September 03, 2006


I'm not sure what can I do with my new PC. I'd bought some games today and it doesn't seems to capture my attention like it used to in the past. Nowadays, I'm more towards BT and digital photography. But the farking thing is that I don't know how to photoshop. Which makes me wonder what the hell do I need to have such a high end PC? Could it be because that I need to have a new PC that's all?

Now tell me what to do.

Create polls and vote for free.

Friday, September 01, 2006

New PC in the house

Finally, after the long awaited time. I've got myself a brand new PC. CB, I should have wait a little longer cause next year I can get RM3000 income tax relief if I buy it next year. But the problem is, my old computer cannot stand my torturing anymore.

Anyway, this is my new config.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+
MSI MS7260 K9N NEO-F Nforce 550
Kingston PC5300 DDR 667 DDR 2 1GB
SEAGATE Barracuda 160GB SATA
Sapphire ATI X550TD DVI DDR2 256MB
450W ATX Casing

Total priced at $1870.00. This price does not includes the monitor, DVD burner, etx.

Now whatever games that I wanted to play, I can do it with no problem. For the old PC, I think I'll let it run a few more months before upgrading it. I've did a check on the parts for my old PC and it will costs me $550.00. With all the hardwares which I'd previously invested, I think it'll be best for me to do the upgrade rather then to discard the old PC.

Enough said, I LOVE MY NEW PC (^^)