Thursday, June 23, 2005

National Anthem

Recently there's been some hoo haa in playing the Malaysia National Anthem in cinemas. This is the Stats I got from Yahoo! Malaysia Polls.

Why play the National Anthem in cinemas before the start of the show? Is it the way to ask Malaysians to love their country? This is totally idiotic. And why only cinemas? Why not somewhere else? Why not played it in the bus or LRT?

The person who came up with the idea to play the Anthem in cinemas I think never studied before. You think Malaysians can love Malaysia by listening to an Anthem? A song? You think the country is like Backstreet Boys?

Countries cannot simply play the National Anthem and expects their citizens to love them.

A child can love their parents if the child feels loved.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Minister Mentor?

It is kind of funny that Singapore has a Minister Mentor, Senior Minister, Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. For PM and DPM I can understand, but Minister Mentor and Senior Minister, it is kind of absurd. What are their job functions? Is there a need to have all these. Chinese has a saying, "Chang Jiang Hou Lang Tui Qian Lang" meaning the new waves pushes the old waves. To me it seems that the MM and SM are not confident that the chosen PM and DPM can lead Singapore properly.

Over the decades, Mr Lee and Mr Goh had did a great job leading Singapore. They had contribute most of their lifetime in creating a modern Singapore. Now I would think that it is time for them to pass down the country's burdens to younger generations. Spend more time with their family and friends, enjoy their lives, they deserved it.

Mr Lee once said "If someone tried to ruin Singapore, he would get up from his grave". Ehhh.....What if he is cremated?

If I get a chance to talk to Mr Lee, I would tell him, he had already done enough for Singaporeans, he can now enjoy his life. No need for him to keep on carrying the burden anymore. Be like Dr M, he is now enjoying life with his wife and family. No more politics. Only a carefree life. To me that is the best way of life. No need to carry a title like Minister Mentor and Senior Minister.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Too Naive

This is what I read on the Malaysia Mail Website.

She lost her heart and RM11,500! EMILY TOH KUALA LUMPUR, June 16:
A lonely accounts clerk in search of love thought she had found a ‘match’ in a man from Labuan, Sabah.
But the 36-year-old woman, who identified herself as Jennifer, soon discovered that his real love was for her money.Yesterday she related her story at the MCA Public Services and Complaint Department.It all started, when she replied to an advertisement in a Chinese daily from a man who identified himself as Peter Chin. He had advertised himself as a divorcee looking sincerely for a partner aged above 37 years.He also said he was an Australian PR and prefers a “Christian lady”.She fell for the “Christian” line.“I thought he was a religious person. Before long we were talking on the phone regularly and even SMS-ing each other practically every other hour,” she said of the romance which began at the end of May.Soon after that, Chin came to Kuala Lumpur for a holiday with his uncle and mother, purportedly to meet Jennifer and introduce her to his family.“But at the last minute he called and told me his mother was sick and his uncle would be sending her to Singapore. He said he would meet me alone. I wanted to see his mother but he kept offering excuses,” said Jennifer.So they met at a hotel for a romantic dinner. He convinced Jennifer of his love for her.The next day he executed his con by telling Jennifer his mother had died and he needed RM11,500 for the funeral expenses.Jennifer lent him RM8,500 out of sympathy as he had wept openly when relating his grief.“He told me he needed another RM3,000 as he wanted to buy a quality coffin for his mother. I borrowed the money from a relative and gave it to him.”But after taking the money the ‘relationship’ fizzled out as Chin did everything to avoid Jennifer.Last week she decided the whirlwind romance that she was caught in was nothing but a scam.“He stopped taking my calls and a few days ago the line was terminated. That’s when I realised he had cheated me,” said Jennifer.She lodged a police report and turned to the MCA Public Services and Complaint Department’s Datuk Michael Chong for help.“To those facing this problem, please do come forward and let us help you seek justice by making reports to the police,” Chong said.

Why people, after reading so many similar cases in newspapers, still fall for such scams?

If a potential boyfriend really loves you, he would never ask you for any money. Religious people might be evil, do not judge the person by his religious believes. It is very superficial to do so. SO LEARN TO BE MORE CAUTIOUS. DON"T BE SO NAIVE.

Come on lar, he can come to KL for holiday and send his mother to Singapore for treatment, he cannot fork out the funeral expenses? Don't you think it's a bit strange? Australian PR some more wor!!! Try not to get blinded.

What the hell, the mother might even be a fake too.

Sometimes assholes can go to great extend like telling lies saying that his family members died or in serious illness or troubles. If you want to help, can maybe 500 to 1000, and it is consider quite a large amount.

Really hopeless.


Friday, June 03, 2005

Father's Day

I'm very lucky to have him as my father. My Father's the best in the world. Sometimes I would think that I'm not worthy. He studied till only Primary 5 in the 1960's. But he managed to make it big once. In the early 80's, he is a proud owner of a Mercs and 2 LIVE HORSES. My father is a very capable man. He managed to raise a healthy and comfortable family with limited earnings.

Yes, REAL, BREATHING HORSES which competes in a turf club. But that is in the 1980's. He was a rich man once. But that's the past. I do not have much memories of him. I only remember him as a very strict and crazy father. He used to caned me as if I'm an animal. He'll just cane without thinking of where to hit, face, body, arms, legs, anywhere.

In 1984, he sent me to Singapore to study. I remembered that I would cry whenever I have to leave KL and go Singapore. As a child, who would wants to leave their parents? No matter how your parents treat you, they are your parents after all.

Can you imagine a 6 yrs old, alone in Singapore, thinking of when he can go back to his parents side. I never enjoy parental love at all. I don't get to have toys, no crackers, no sweets, no fast foods. I would sleep in a mattress on the floor. When I was younger, I would think that why they wanted to sent me to Singapore? Is it necessary to do so? Now I would think that my parents gave most to me by sending me to Singapore. At least I had a better education then my brothers.

I remember vividly that once, when I'm 8 yrs old, my father made a trip to Singapore to visit me. Since his business failed in 1985, he has not been working since. He brought me to Goldhill Square, now known as United Square in Novena, during lunch time. I told him that I want to makan McDonald's, so he went a buy a Filet-o-fish for me. No drinks or fries, only the burger. He just pass the burger to me. I asked him why he is not eating. He said he is not hungry. I don't know why, I just pass him the burger and told him that we share the burger. He just ate it without any complains. Till today, I wonder why my father only buy 1 burger for 2 of us. Is it because he does not have much to spend? I prefer not to know.

If someone ask who I respect the most in the world, I would not hesitate to say its my father.

Next time when I die, when god ask me whether I would want him as my father again next life. I would say no, I would want him as my child so I can take care of him like he took care of me, loving me unconditionally.


Thursday, June 02, 2005

How much is enough?


Everyone's favourite thing. Why is it so? How much is enough? Are you getting enough?

Let discuss.

Money is a must in a civilised world. No matter where you are or who you are, may you be an Asian, Blacks or Americans. But is money that important? Have you ever wondered what harm can money cause? Hitmen kills for money, kidnappers kidnaps for money, countries go to war for money. Don't you think money is sinful?

Lets imagine ourselves as an average Malaysians earning an average income. The possible expenses are transport, food, lodgings, indulgence and necessities.

Majority of the Malaysians living in Klang Valley would think that the public transport are like shit and they would prefer to pay a bit more to own a car. Avarage installments per month for a car would be about Rm 600 for a new local made car. Because of Proton, foreign cars are so expensive and we are not left with other choices. And the loan will be up till 9 years. Including petrol, It would be about Rm 900 per month for you to own a car alone.

Makan is ok in Malaysia. A normal meal may cost about Rm 5. So its still at a very reasonable level. If you are living with parents, you'll only have to take lunch outside only. So this makan issue is not a problem. But if you are having dinner outside too, the monthly amount might be Rm 300.

Rent or Own? Personally I would prefer own, cause after all its your own property. But for those who cannot afford, an average room rent per month would be more or less Rm 200.

There are 2 catagories here. Entertainment and Shopping. Moderate dose is ok, but do not go over board. I think that the average amount would be about Rm 400.

Handphones, Astro, Homephone, Water and Electric. Those stated above might chunk up about Rm 500.

So from the above, the total amount is Rm 2300. And remember there are still a lot of hidden costs like car issurance and maintainence, home appliciances and furnitures. And if you are attached, what about spendings during a date?

Do you get a clearer picture now? No. Come on, Malaysians are seriously underpaid. You are underpaid so am I.

Now how much are you earning? Rm 2000 or Rm 3000? What about those earning less? How much can you save per month? When can you get married? If a Chinese guy wants to marry, he would have to pay at least Rm 20000 for a normal wedding. What if the girl's parents is a blood sucker, or if the girl wants a fairy tale like wedding. Do you think the guy can afford? I don't think so unless he is from a rich famliy. What about a normal average earner? Do you want to marry for money or love?

So you can see, money is not everything. But it is an absolute must here in Malaysia. We do not have subsidies like some race, in fact we have to pay more. This is unfair.

The PM always says that we must love Malaysia. How to love? Can he teach us? The country is not fair and still dare to ask us to love the country. He must be joking.