Thursday, November 09, 2006

1st case in Malaysia I believed

Buried? Yes.
Burnt? Yes.
Dismembered? Yes.
Dumped elsewhere? Yes.
Blown to bits? No.

I've heard of all types of murders and the killer ways of disposing of the victims body. But to have the body blown to bits is the first I've heard

The poor beauty from Mongolia was being blown to bits by an alleged lover. She was shot twice and then blown to bits with military grade explosives.

And this is the alleged fucker who had done it. His name, Abdul Razak Baginda, also known as Abdul Razak Abdullah, 46. The man on the left is his lawyer.

From my personal point of view, if he is found guilty of instigating 3 police personals to carry out the murder, the only person able to help is an undertaker.

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