Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Devil's Fruit

To me, they are the devil's fruit. To others who love them, they are angel's turd.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Converting My Car

TheStar quoted that the Government might subsidies people who convert their vehicles to run on NGV.

I seriously have to consider alternatives to petrol. Its either I take a bus to work which will costs me RM$ 93.00 per month or convert my car to run on NGV which costs about RM$ 8.50 for approximately 200KM.

On Bus:
RM$ 213 per month, with my company subsidizing RM$ 120 every month, I have to pay RM$ 93.00. To which I have to sacrifice time, waking up earlier to catch the bus to work and reaching home later. I forecast that I'll be spending at least 2hrs - 3.5hrs traveling on the road per day depending on the traffic situation. Going for this option will have me lose my freedom of going anywhere after my office hours. I do not want to go back to the times when I was working in Singapore.

Currently I'm spending between RM$ 300-400 on petrol alone for my car. For every 1 cycle of 4 days work, I'll have to travel close to 400KM. So its like 1 tank of petrol for every 4 days of work. And the last amount that I spent for filling up is about RM$75.00. Plus I have to spent a total of RM$ 20.60 on tolls for 1 cycle of work. So for a month, I have to spend about RM$ 400 on toll and petrol just to come to work.

Considering the fact that for RM$8.50 of Natural Gas can runs about 200KM. For a month, I might be spending RM$150.40 for toll and NG for coming to work. I might save about RM$ 250 per month if I convert my car to run on NG. So in a year, I might save up to RM$ 3K.

As reported it costs about RM$ 3-5K to install a NGV kit, so I might be able to break even the installation costs in a year. I think I'll go for it but I'll have to wait for the Government's confirmation on subsidizing us for installing NGV kits.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm Famous!!!!

No Lah, just a picture with a frame from

Hidden World

The back alley doesn't have to be dirty and smelly. If you are able to put some effort to bring out your gardening skills, you can get something like this.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

KLCC Video

Just a video of the photos I took for my girl during our visit to KLCC.

Miau's Wedding Toast

Should have posted this earlier, but I'm a bit busy these few days. 

The traditional toast at Miau's Wedding.

Welcome to Auntie-hood. (^^)

Monday, June 09, 2008


What can I much for English classes in school.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Yikes.....what's this???? A blue mutated dumpling..........

Mutated or not, I'd finished it off.

Now turn to shit you freak.....(^^)

New Love

I'm so in love with this series right now. The Japanese have done it again.

Guess no one in the world can beat them on animation with Mech genre.

The designs of the mechs are superb. I'm getting the collectibles when they are out.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


The price of petrol has increased 40%, whether you like it or not. Its not going to be easy for everyone nowadays. An 18% increment on Electric is also coming our way in July.

Subsidies are scheduled to be given to the people. But is it enough?

My answer is NO!!!!!!

My car has a 40 litre tank. If a litre costs $2.70, a full tank will cost $108.00. Compared to the previous price, I had to fork out another extra $31.20. And in a month I'll need at least 4-6 tanks of petrol for my car. So that makes extra $124.80 - $187.20 more.

Imagine, 6 tanks of petrol, $648.00, plus the toll that I used everyday. 153.60, plus the parking that I might have to pay. So it can be touching the 1K mark easily every month. With the monthly installment of $800 I have to pay for my car, plus the annual insurance and road tax.

In a year, the money that I have to spend on my car will be about $20.5K. Without the installments to the bank, I still have to spend almost $11K on the basic running of the car. And this amount does not include trips to the workshop.

And they are only giving us a subsidy of $625 per year??? Its only $52.08 per month.

With Highways projects being paid by the Government, and yet they allow companies to ask money from us. Who does all these companies belongs to? Government pay you to build highways, people pay toll to use roads. What is this??? PAP (Pay and Pay)???

Yes, our petrol might still be the cheapest in the region. But do you know that our pay is also one of the lowest in the region. People $1 gets $2.38. Don't compare us with Philippines and Indonesia, both Governments are a disgrace. Or are we steering towards their directions?

Learn from our neighbors down idiots!!!!!!

Determination 2

Its been almost 10 hours since I'd last had a cigarette. How long can I last this time?

Check back regularly today for updates.....(^^)


Update: In the future, if I make post of such saying that I'm trying to quit smoking, just treat me as bullshitting. (^^)

The Miau Wedding

Miau got married.....!!!!!! Congrats.

I was invited to a simple wedding dinner, which I think is very nice.
Nothing much to write here. So here are the photos.

One of the rare pose by Ah 9....

P/S: are getting f@tt3r

Wednesday, June 04, 2008







Monday, June 02, 2008

Very Old Anwar

Saw this post on MSN site, WTF is going on with reporters nowadays????

Anwar........82 yrs old........!!!???

First TheStar then comes MSN.....What have the standards of reporters come to????

I think sometime later I'll have to write something on Perodua Saga or 28yrs old Mahathir since the standards of reporting are so damn lousy nowadays.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Challenge The Mega Mac

I had no idea what to take for supper while working my night shift, so I make my way to McDonalds. Thought of getting myself a Big Mac Meal. And then I saw this.

The MEGA MAC, 4 beef patties Big Mac.

So I decided to try it out.

Conclusion.....I survived......I don't think I would want another Big Mac for quite sometime.