Monday, November 20, 2006

Bagan Lalang Trip

A trip to Bagan Lalang aka. Sepang Gold Coast is nothing but semi boring, very tiring, semi fun. First of all, I don't know the way. We had a fucking lanciao lead navigator who bring us going around in circles. He don't know how to lead, and when we fuck him up, he still try to talk his way around, trying to make us seems at fault. Anyway, enough of this lead navigator, no more trip with him along. We'd decided to boycott him.The trip there is quite cheap actually. The chalet which sleeps 4, but 7 of us squeezed into 1 unit, costs $ 100. No surcharge for extra head. Each bedroom has an individual aircon. We tried to get a bigger chalet which costs $110. But it was fully booked. So anyway, we just settle into a smaller unit.The difference between Bagan Lalang and Port Dickson is that, BL is not as crowded as PD. Since not crowded, the coast line are much more cleaner without much rubbish like bottles. Muslim food is only available there, but they don't charge tourist price. A plate of nasi lemak is only $1.50.The seafood there is extremely cheap. This trip we had 2 days of seafood. A kilo of green mussels costs only $ 4.00. (^^). Whenever we go BBQ, We would get some seafood to go along with the beef, pork, veges which we brought along. Beer and plain water is the only beverage available. Since I'm not a fan of beer, cold water is my best friend.
We BBQ'ed till about 4 am, after that, a friend of mine still continued to BBQ at the back of our chalet.I cannot tahan any more as I'm dead tired after the whole day of activities. After I bathe, Total KO immediately.After this entry, I must continue to sleep to catch up of all the time that I'd lost.

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PK Tan said...

Hi friend, thank you for your information. We plan bring childred go on this weekend.
Can i known which chalet you all stay. Look like clean & nice.

Pk Tan