Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Very Late Food Post

Its been months since I've returned from Guilin. After 2 weeks there, how can I survived there with those people eating rats, horse meat and dog meat? Nah, actually most of those mentioned are only eaten by some exquisite people there.

For a guy like me, so big in size, many of you may wondered how can I survive there for 2 weeks. Well, for almost every meal, I had this.

A rice noodle dish which is easily available in almost every part of Guilin. You can either have it dry or soup. Not disgusting at all. In fact, I love it. Rice noodles topped with fried pork similar to our Siew Yoke, spicy sour bean sprouts and bamboo shoots. A must try for everyone going there.

Well, we did have a meal at a quite established restaurant. Although its not very spectacular, but it's nice to have a change.

With almost everything edible in China, I wouldn't want to try those pig penises.

Btw, the 2 large skewers with curly meat are the pig penises.

Still the simplest food is the best for me.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trip to Ipoh

Its almost 1.5 years since I've last came to Ipoh. I've always like the simple lifestyle here. Sleepy and quiet town. Doesn't have as much traffic as in KL. My wife had bugged me numerous of times to bring her to this town since we've mentioned in front of her so many times. And after 1.5hrs drive, we've reached my uncle's house.

And this little joy greeted us.

Now I'm gonna have a headache with my wife pestering me for a baby.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Date is SET!!!!!

Its been set. My wedding dinner will be held on 5 July 2009. A Sunday to be exact. Please mark your calendar eh.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Too Long

Having a long leave without much to do is real boring. Everyday sleep, eat, watch, repeating everything everyday. Luckily most of the important things that I had to do are done.

Anyway, my wedding dinner will most probably held in May or June.