Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What I Wanted

In the near future, these are the things that I wanted. Hopefully, someone remembers my Bday and can get them for me as presents.

Camcorders, Handphones are the main items which I'll be on a look out for next year. On the digital camera side, I will not be needing one till some time 3-5yrs later. My current one is still very handy and can get the job done easily.

Handphones are getting much more better equipped then before. With optical zoom, flash, etc.

Nokia's N93 and SE K800i tops my list.
And SE W700i also captures my attention. It comes with step counters, calorie counters, etc which are useful to people with active lifestyles. Who knows, maybe I'll take up some sports for a change. And also its been a long time since I'd used a clamshell phone.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Must Have

Since the invention of the USB flash disk in 1998, this product is creating a new way people store their data. Movies, MP3s, Photos, are easily transported using a flash disk.

But what about some essential application which you might need to use on some other PC? And what if your flash disk is not a U3 certified drive? Or happens to be one of the older types of flash disk?

Here's the solution. Download this at www.portableapps.com

This software suite has almost all the apps that you will possibly need for official business. Photo editing, spreadsheet, wordprocessor, instant messaging are just some of the apps which are available.

Check it out eh!!!!

Wash Car

It has been almost 1 month since I wash my car. So after breakfast today, I decided to drive my car to the car wash.With 1 month's worth of dirt and grime, driving it around won't be quite enjoyable as before.
Yes, its Christmas and my car is covered in SNOW foam.Voila, my car is just like in showroom condition. Time for some wax if I'm not lazy.

Let's pray that it don't rain today.

P/S: The 3rd and the 4th photo are taken with my PDA phone. Just a quality comparison between a PDA phone camera and a conventional digital camera.

New Year Coming and I Hate Them

2006 is coming to the end, on the first second of 2007, my life will have a drastic change. LDP is going to increase from $1.00 to $1.60. Meaning now I have to look for alternative ways to travel to work. That indian guy with a different wig each time, is really a big bastard. Among all the Malaysian Government bastards, I hate him, KY Lim and the son-in-law of our PM the most. So cursing them every now and then is a habit which I enjoy very much.

Although 60 cents increament doesn't sound much to some people, but to me imagine that I have to pay another extra $1.20 when I make a return trip using LDP. So let's do the maths;

$1.20 per round trip to-fro Kepong PJ x 15 days per month= $18.00
$18.00 per month x 12 months = $216.00

So every year from next year onwards, I'll need to fork out another extra $216 just for using LDP toll for work purposes only. Imagine those who work 22 days a month.

So the conclusion will be, another alternative way to PJ, or less shopping at The Curve or 1 Utama starting next year. CB, even the parking of these 2 places are much cheaper then the stupid toll.

Wait till next year when the petrol prices increase again.

Rest Finally

Finally, I'm able to rest properly for these coming 3 days. I've not had a proper rest due to work and personal issues. Since Christmas is round the corner, I'm granted 3 days of pure relaxation. So without further ado, let me just go and have this for breakfast.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Great Singer

A friend from China with a great singing talent.

Friday, December 08, 2006

I'm very busy

I'm tied down with personal problems recently. I cannot tell right now. Moreover, my Internet connection was terminated due to non payment from my brother.