Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Things that I still need

Today I bought a travel pillow and some velcro straps for my camping gear. All I still need is a tent, mesh tin, a cooker and I'll be set for camping. \(^^)/

I might not need a sleeping yet. Maybe now I want to see whether I can survive Ulu Yam without a sleeping bag or not.

Ah 9 said that there is a new place in Ulu Yam which provide camping ground and a place to BBQ. I'll be going down there to check it out this weekend if I'm not lazy.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

KFC Original Recipe

I think KFC original recipe fried chicken is laced with an addicting drug. Maybe heroin is used as one of the spices. Why, after so many years in my life, I'm still addicted to it? Their Original Recipe fried chicken is the BEST!!!!!


Mom's Birthday

The REAL Twins

On Saturday 22 April 2006, my mother celebrated her 50th birthday. On her left is her elder sister by few minutes at birth. So in short, both of them are twins and my wife might be able to give birth to twins in the future, since I might have the genes.....(^^)

Scary Prank

Now let me ask you how would you react if you see something like this coming towards you in the middle of the night?

I don't know about others, but I would sure be running like they do......(^_^)

Rhumba Gone

OMG, Kennysia annouced that Starbucks will not be serving their Rhumba Frappucinno anymore.

Rhumba wor, the best drink, my favourite drink, now gone from the menu. I don't know how true it is but a picture speaks a thousand word.

Now I beginning to miss my Rhumba and I cannot Rumba anymore at Starbucks again.

BTW, picture from

KL City Hall Sealed

As I am enjoying milo ice with Nick and Jing, I remembered something very interesting. KL City Hall was sealed because of the stupid Datuk Bandar's laziness and refusal to pay. Now here's the story in red. Clauses in Blue are my comments.

MAIL HIGHLIGHTS: KL city hall sealed
Najmuddin Najib
April 20:
KUALA LUMPUR: City Hall paid more than RM500,000 yesterday to the family of a two-year-old boy who fell four floors after slipping through a broken railing at the Seri Melaka flats in Cheras last December.

The payment is said to be unprecedented and was to forestall the complete sealing of the City Hall headquarters in Jalan Raja Laut.

A cheque for RM500,910 was issued about 4.30pm yesterday, after lawyers representing the family, armed with a court order, had sealed off certain sections of the City Hall headquarters. They also threatened to seal other properties in Jalan Raja Laut.

On Dec 20, Putera Marzuqi Hue sustained a cracked skull and swollen brain after falling through the railing from the fourth floor of the flats.

On Jan 23 this year, the family’s counsel, Keppy Wong, filed a claim for damages.

On March 21, the Kuala Lumpur High Court awarded the family RM500,000 in general damages, RM685 in special damages and RM225 in costs.

When City Hall failed to pay up, lawyers representing the family obtained the writ of seizure and sale from the Kuala Lumpur High Court on April 10.

Wong told The Malay Mail: “We were left with no other recourse but to seize and seal the premises as City Hall had failed to settle the amount ordered by the court.

“We believe we had given them ample time to respond to the order.” (Trust me they won't entertain people who asks money from them)

About 10.30am yesterday, Wong, accompanied by co-counsel Eric Tan, Putera Marzuqi’s father Haris Abdullah Hue and a court bailiff, went to Datuk Bandar Datuk Ruslin Hassan’s office on the 28th floor of the City Hall headquarters.

Wong said they were made to wait for two hours, only to be informed later that Ruslin was unable to meet them. (Typical CB Business Man's Tactics)

“Instead, we had a meeting with City Hall’s lawyers who made several offers in exchange for us to stop the execution of the court order. (What can they offer? Hampers or shopping vouchers?)

“Following a brief consultation with my client, I had to decline the offer,” he said, adding that the discussion continued until 2pm.

He said the execution order resumed at 2.30pm, and they began sealing off certain sections of the building.

“However, we were unable to seal off the Datuk Bandar’s office as security personnel barred us from entering. I informed them that by preventing the court bailiff from doing his work, they may be in contempt of court. (If his room is being seal, how is he going to come out?)

“Still, they refused to adhere to the court order,” he added.

Wong said he then went to another floor to begin contempt proceedings. He was then informed that a meeting was scheduled at 3pm with City Hall’s Deputy Director of Administration, Normah Malik.

By then, the lawyers and bailiff had sealed almost half the building.

“At the meeting, she informed us that City Hall would issue the cheque to us within two hours. We agreed and asked the bailiff to stop the execution of the court order.

“At about 4.30pm, we received the cheque for the full amount,” he said, adding that it was never their intention to embarrass anyone.

“We had gone to the Datuk Bandar’s office first, as we wanted to give him an opportunity to settle the payment with minimal fuss.

“When he declined to meet us, we were left with no choice but to carry out the court order,” he said. (Well Done!!!)

Efforts to obtain comments from Ruslin and City Hall director-general Salleh Yusup proved futile. (Of course lah, loose face already mah)

Meanwhile, Haris said he was relieved the matter has been settled.

“My son is not the same as he was before the incident. We hope we can now obtain better treatment for him and help him in his recovery,” he said.

Source is from the MalayMail website.

So Final Score

Commoner 1 - 0 Datuk Bandar

A victory well won over someone influential. And from his photo, I felt that he looks like those lazy B@$t@Rd$ ................... (^^) Try to be more lazy from now on and there will be more victories for the people in the future.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Funny Things Do Happens

This article was published on the Newpaper Website on Sunday.

Sorry, it's not our tree
Van stuck for six days. NParks says tree is on M'sian land
By Crystal Chan
April 23, 2006

THE tree was on Malaysian railway land. His van was on Singapore soil.And when the 10m tree fell on the van in Hindhede Road in Bukit Timah last Saturday, vehicle dealer Lee Wee Buang's problems began.

His van was crushed.

But the National Parks Board (NParks) could not remove the tree as it was on Malaysian land.

And police could not help Mr Lee, 52, as it was not obstructing traffic.So, for six days, the van and the tree remained there, between the railway land and Kar Yeng Five Districts General Association Building where his office is.

They were finally removed yesterday.Mr Lee, who has been in the business for about 20 years, said in Mandarin: 'I've always parked my vans behind the building.'
The tree, which fell in heavy rain, crushed the roof and left side of the white Mitsubishi van. The front windscreen was smashed.
Said Mr Lee: 'I feel the loss keenly because I bought the van only last month. Luckily, it is second-hand and I paid only $10,000 for it.
'If it had been a brand-new vehicle, I would have even more xin tong (heartache).'

Mr Lee's daughter, Cheng Ai, called the police. 'But they said that as the incident happened on private property and the tree wasn't obstructing traffic, they wouldn't do anything.'

In an e-mail reply to The New Paper, police spokesman Siow Cheng Cheng said: 'Police will be deployed to divert and manage the traffic should there be a danger to motorists or obstruction to traffic. In this case, the fallen tree and the damaged vehicle did not pose any danger or obstruction.'

Mr Lee then tried to get NParks to help.

But NParks said it could not do anything as the tree stood on land belonging to Malaysia's KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) railway station.

Now let me sort out the confusions, Tree is growing on land belonging to Malaysia in Singapore, Tree falls over to the Singapore side crashing a Singapore registered van. In short, it's Singapore's van crashed by Malaysia's tree in Singapore. Now that concerns National Security.

Sounds funny to me.....(^^)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Anime Recommendations is a very good source to preview some of the animes that are currently available on the WWW. Most of us would get to know whether the series are nice or not thru word of mouth. And some people are very skeptical on it. Seeing is beliving. So I'll just name a few of the anime which I find interesting.


Tactical Roar


I"s Pure

Gunparade Orchestra

OMG, its already 6.30am. I need to get some rest. I'll stop with 5 of them first.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

This is what I call brains

I can't help but to notice that some people really use their brains. For example in this scenario, there are some cabling project going on in my office. Instead of asking a floorboard sucker from us, this contractor decided to use something more simple. A toilet pump to lift the floor boards.

I almost died laughing. (^^)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

New Project

I have an annoucement to make. From tomorrow after I've burnt some DVDs to backup my data, I'll start downloading One Piece series English subbed starting from episode 1 to episode 182. A total of around 40GB.

I've had enough of having nothing to watch while waiting weekly for each episode of the anime that I'm currently chasing. And I've found the source here.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Items for my Digicam

I had a Casio Z55 Digital Camera. Although this model has been out in the market for almost 2 yrs, I personally thinks that it had one of the best battery life in the market today. One full charge can takes about 400 photos(CIPA standards). I've been thinking to myself, what if I'm on a few days trip and taking tons of photos every moment. Will my battery lasts? Do I have enough memory for the photos? Therefore, I decided its time to have all the necessary additions to my digicam.

A SD card and another extra battery. I've done some checking on the Internet for prices of SD cards. 1GB cards now are price around RM$ 135.00 for the normal type. Although I would prefer using the Kingston Elite Pro or Ultimate, which has a faster read/write speed, my camera just doesn't seems to support such cards. I've checked out the manufacturer's website and it seems that I might even have some problems with the normal 1GB cards. No fuck, I'll just get one and see whether it works or not as the prices are so low nowadays.

The another necessary thing will be the battery. Original Casio battery sells for about RM$ 250 if I'm not wrong. I'm looking at some other options like a compatible battery which I found on the Internet selling for RM$ 55.00. I believed that there will be some camera shops selling such batteries.

Anyway, enough talk. I'll do the sourcing and shopping next month after I got my salary and after settling my car installments.

P/S: My car is officially 2 months old and I've already lost 2K in Value. Thanks to the NAP which was annouced last month.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

MRR2 Kepong Updates

It has been more then 2 months since the bridge at MRR2 has been closed for repairs. Till today I haven't see much progress. Although there's some work going on everynight, but from what I see, the appointed contractors are working at only 1 beam everynight. Previously our Works Minister said that it'll will take 4 months for the repair works to be completed. Personally, I never agree with what he said.

What do you think?

Create polls and vote for free.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Port Dickson Trip

It has been set. Now I can estimate that there will be about 8 persons going for this trip. We will need a 3 room apartment and BBQ pits. We are doing BBQ again!!!! I'll try to source out an apartment with 3 rooms, a kitchen, 2 bath rooms and whatever luxuries we can get. Hopefully we can do this trip in end May or beginning of June, before the school holidays. Else there will be peak season charges.

So get your wet gears ready. If you don't have one, go get some. Here's a suggestion, goggles, swimming trunks, suntan lotion, beach mat, sun glasses, mp3 players. Or if you prefer Al Naturel, running around butt naked. I won't stop you. But I won't know about the others and the rest of the public. Hopefully we don't need to go and bail you out at PD's police station.

From my estimation, each person will have to chip in between RM $50 to RM$ 70. Includes food for the BBQ and room for the night.

I'll update everyone once I had more details on it.

Reality Shows

I'm not a fan of any reality shows that's available in the TV nowadays. Fear Factor, American Idol, Worlds Apart, Amazing Race,etc. I would not really say that I don't enjoy these shows, but somehow, reality shows failed to turn me into a hardcore follower. BUT one very important thing, these shows sure to give me the stomach cramps while laughing hard. For instance, William Hung from the American Idol. And now, the American Inventor.

I noticed that both have the initials AI for short, so I Googled it on the net and found that the brainchild behind both shows are Simon Cowell of the American Idol fame. Like this clip below, I have a conclusion, that is, Simon Cowell is better at showing the real idiots of America to world rather then to discovering talents for each show.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Port Dickson

Port Dickson anyone, in mid or late May? Let me know asap as I need to plan early leh. (^^)

Friday, April 07, 2006

My Backpac

Haha, after much deliberation, I finally got myself a backpac. It has all the features that I wanted and it only costs me RM$ 85.00. Found the bag at Carrefour.

It has an internal frame fortified with an aluminium rod, hip belt, sternum straps. But it does not comes with a rain cover, so I have to get one at Ace Hardware for RM$ 10.00. The bag itself can be seperated into 2 compartments. So from now on, I'll use this bag for all my trips.

With me buying a sleeping bag, a tent, a mat and some camping equipments soon, I'll be ready to go camping anytime.

Meet up with Irene

It has been quite sometime since I last met her. So yesterday we went to Ampang for yong tau fu. The both of us managed to eat 29 pcs together, with 6 pcs of fried dumplings left. I still remember the last time she challenged me to eat one of those Hong Kong Style thick toast for after our main course. Of course, she lost, but not without a fight.

She is 20yrs old this year and she is becoming more like an auntie as time passes. Just look at her, with all those shopping bags. She does have a good potential to become a full fledge auntie. (^^)

The Perfect Idiot

I have to give it to this guy. He is such a ....... IDIOT. He invented a hand and still dare to say its a phenomenal invention. What a super idiot.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

VK 2200

This phone really caught my eyes. It comes with a 4 Megapixels camera, 1GB NAND flash memory. And the best thing is that, it is less then 1cm thick. 8.8mm to be exact and it only weighs only 53g. Bluetooth is included as well. Seems that nowadays, paper thin phones are becoming a trend.

Although the phone is still not yet launch in Malaysia, I expected the price to be around RM$ 1600. Hopefully, till that time I can save enough money to change phone.

SO its either a SE's K800i or VK's 2200.



Stingy Singaporeans

Singaporeans are well known in the world for 3Ks, which are Kiasu, Kiasee and Kiamsiap. Why? Recently Malaysian Government imposed a RM $20 levy on foreign cars coming into Malaysia. And as always, our neighbors down south are starting to make noise again.

From my own point of view, I don't see any problems with the levy. In the past when I'm still working in Singapore, if there's a need to drive my car into Singapore. I need to pay SGD$ 30 per entry. So I don't see why Singaporeans should voice their concern over this levy.

Compare RM$ 20 to SGD$ 30, which is more expensive? I believed that most car owners in Singapore are quite well off and yet they want be Kiamsiap over this small amount. Come on lar, RM$ 20 is about SGD $9, imagine how much you can save on shopping, makan and visiting prositutes. You think you can get such cheap items in Singapore?

So shut the fuck up!!!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


After 2 days since I sprained my back, everything is now almost back to normal. I can still feel some pain in my back now. Till the pain is fully gone, I have to abstain myself from doing vigorous exercise like sit ups, jogging and xxx. (^^)

A word of advice to my friends, take proper care of your back. We are no longer young.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Damn Farking Suay

For no reasons at all, I sprained my back today. Rendering me motionless for a few hours. I'm not able to move freely as I wanted as I can't even stand up straight. I'm just like some 80 yrs old grandfather who walks with a hunchback. Between 2pm to 8pm today, all I can do is to lie there motionlessly. Whatever I need, I had to ask my brothers to bring them. I'm just like a disabled person.

At around 8.30pm, the doctor came to my house to give me an injection. It costs me RM $140. At least a few hours later, I can climb up to my room and write this entry.

Btw, does this situation consider brokeback? (^^)