Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Visit Singapore

Now, I'm planning a trip to Singapore in December 06. Currently the person interested are Nick, Olivia, Pet and me. Therefore, I'm gonna draw up an itinerary for everyone's considerations. This trip is gonna be a 3 days, 2 nights trip.

Date: Between 1st Dec - 14th Dec
Transport: Bus or Car
Lodgings: Cheap Lodgings
Places of Interests: Sentosa, Bird Park, Haw Par Villa, Singapore Zoo, Science Centre
Shopping: Anywhere, depending what you want to buy.

Now let's break it down in section.

The Date will be between 1st - 14th Dec as this is the time for the Christmas Light Up in Orchard Road.

Transport: If we take bus down there, it will costs approx. RM$ 53.00 per person to and fro. Plus RM$ 40.00 for the travelling in Singapore's Public Transport.
If we drive there, it will costs approx. RM$ 82.60 for Toll both ways, RM$ 140.00 for Petrol, and don't know how much for the parking and toll in Singapore. So the estimated costs will be about RM$ 300.00. There are pros and cons of driving into Singapore. Pro is that we no need to follow schedule or carry our bags (^^). Con is that we need to pay more for parking in Singapore.

Lodging: Some suggestions, Fragrance Hotel, Hotel 81, YMCA. Nothing spectacular, just some 3 stars hotel. There are just too many hotels which suits our budget. Check them out here.

Places of Interests: Sentosa is a must go for all tourists, there are a few attractions there. We will probably spend the whole day there. For the rest like Science Centre, Birdpark, Hawpar Villa, we can do them some other day. Example, we can do Science Centre and Birdpark in 1 day, or leave HarPar Villa out if you are not interested in Chinese Mythology.

Shopping: Depending what you want to buy, you can do shopping almost everywhere. Housing estates, Orchard Road, City Centre. Everywhere. So let me know what you intend to buy beforehand. I'll plan where to get the cheapest. And if you are planning to walk the whole of Orchard Road, that will probably takes about 1 day and 2 litres of sweat. (^^) So it is advisable to do shopping in the evening.

So start budgeting and planning now eh.

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