Friday, August 11, 2006

PC Fair 2006

I went to the PC Fair today. Nothing spectacular about PCFair, but this year, its the first time I visit it at KLCC Convention Centre.

The weather is not very nice as it had rain in the morning.

Anyway, I reached KLCC at about 11am which was the opening time for the exhibition.

The crowd is still not there yet, but as always a lot of students are flocking the place for freebies. Even the simple plastic bags they also want.

This PCFair is not as interesting as it was when it was being held at PWTC. It was divided into a few sections, a branded section, a Audio and Video section and the normal lelong section.
This year I had the most freebies, no not the plastic bags, but these. (^^)
I've got a XBOX 360 controller , a KINGMAX 128MB SuperStick Flash Drive and a Pendrive Notebook/Utility Bag for FREE!!!!! My own estimated value is at about $140.00.
The items that I've bought are a 1GB PenDrive, a PenSkinz for my PenDrive, a Tripod for my DigiCam and 1 yr subsription of HWM Magazines.

The amount that I've spent:
1GB PenDrive = $78.00
PenSkinz = $10.00
TriPod = $19.90
Subscription = $144.00

Total = $251.90

So minus away the value of the freebies that I've got, I virtually spent about $111.90. GOOD(^^).....

Hope that Ah Chups doesn't find out that there are freebies, else he will sapu all(^^)

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