Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Half a Million Toilet!!!!!!!!!

Would you want to spend half a million in building one toilet in the middle of the street. I'd read an article in Chinapress newspaper saying that some government department/someone is currently building an automated, futuristic, luxury mobile toilet at Bukit Bintang's McDonalds. The costs?

Almost $ 500000.00!!!!!!!!!! Half a Million for GOD's Sake

And they will be charging $ 1.00 for every 15 mins of usage. What the fuck is this? For that amount of money, I can get myself a Double Storey house in Desa Park City. Why is there the need to build a STUPID toilet in the middle of the street? And worst of all, costing half a million? What's the purpose? For people to poo on it? CB!!!!!!!!! I can always just walk into McDonalds and do my business in their toilet, and its free too. CB, this kind of toilet was already around the world for quite some time already lar, and it's even shown on Astro Channel 33.

Now, let's do the maths, how long will it take for that toilet to consolidate all the costs spent.

Costs: $ 500000.00
Per Entry: $ 1.00 per 15mins
Per Hour: $ 4.00
Per Day: $ 96.00
Per Year: $ 96.00 x 365= $ 35040.00

Divide $ 500000 by $ 35040 = 14.26yrs

CB, it will take 14.26 years before breaking even with the costs spent to build this stupid toilet. What aboout water and maintainence costs? Who knows, till that time someone might have invented a floating-in-the-air-toilet. Or worst, maybe less then a month some idiot driving some heavy vehicles crashes into the toilet. Total Loss?

When it is open on the 25th August, I'm gonna go and try out the half a million toilet in the middle of the street. It is not an everyday chance for you to poo inside a half a million dollar toilet. I'll stop going to toilet for 1 week and make sure that I'll dump that week's shit in it.


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