Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rich Men Get Beautiful Wives

Love nowadays is such a funny thing. Millionaires get trophy wives. It is normal to see some rich men marrying some damn pretty wives. Like Dennis Rodman marriage to Carmen Electra. She's HOT and he is like garbage. But one thing for sure, he is rich. And the age gap is not so great.

Now let's switch our focus to Malaysia. Our region famous Siti Nurhaliza is getting married tomorrow, 21st Aug 2006, to an unknown Datuk K. The wedding costs is rumoured to be around $13Mil. Who the fark is Datuk K, why is he so rich, what is his business? Anyway rich men doesn't need to answer these questions to the commoners like us. But to spend $13Mil on 1 wedding, for GOD's sake, I can get married don't know many times. Would a normal girl marry an old man if his wealth is not a factor? I think in some cases, yes.

Why Siti choose someone who is old enough to be his father? Is money playing a big part here? I think so.

And there is one crude joke circulating, Datuk K is banking his money into SitiBank. (^^) Why not HSBC or Maybank?

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