Saturday, August 05, 2006

Carrefour "OEM" Instant Noodles

Indomie, Myojo, Nissin, Maggi are some of the brands of the instant noodles that I've have tasted before. Especially their Mee Gorengs, are my favorites. I can have them every meal for months without getting bored.

Recently I tried to get some Myojo Mee Goreng at Carrefour, but it seems that they have pulled them off their shelves. I wonder why? Is it because both Carrefour and Myojo fuck smelly already? Anyway, my gf introduced me to the Carrefour "OEM" Mee Goreng, saying that its very nice and very very spicy. I was skeptical at the suggestion, but she just chuck a packet into the trolley and asked me to try it out.
Now, my PC time is showing 7.25am, about 30mins ago, I've just cooked 2 packets of them. My conclusion? It is damn farking spicy.

Go try eh....

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