Friday, May 26, 2006

Which Resort?

I've got 4 names for the resort that we will be staying in PD. First of all let me give a brief description of each resort. All seems promising, but I'll let everyone to decide which one to stay.

Glory Beach Resort - Priced at RM 290.00(approx.), 3 bedrooms apartments.
The aerial view of the resort.

This resort is just next to the beach. Has a beautiful pool as you can see here. More information of the room can be found at this URL. It seems that the apartment also comes with a kitchen.

Bayu Beach Resort - Priced at RM 470.00(approx.), 3 bedrooms apartment.
Entrance to the Resort

From the picture above, I cannot comment much on this resort except for the price. The rooms shown here seems nice.

Residence Desa Lagoon Resort - Priced at RM 302.00(approx.), 3 bedroom apartment.
Night view of the resort

Nice environment, seems romantic. Reasonably priced. Rooms seems nice as shown in here.

Sunshine Bay Resort - Price at RM 300.00(Approx.), 3 bedrooms apartment.
Entrance View of the resort

Seems nice, but they will charge extra RM 20.00 for the BBQ pit. A minus point. Rooms seems nice. Info can be found here. Located next to the beach.

So which resort do you prefer? Vote before the 10th of June.

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