Friday, May 19, 2006

Port Dickson Trip

It has been set. We will be going to PD on 24th-25th of June. Currently the people going will be as follows:
  1. Pet
  2. Nick
  3. Olivia
  4. KKpan
  5. Meiling
  6. Roger
  7. Me
  8. And 3 other friends
Ah 9 will not be joining us. Below is his coversation with me.

Zagary said:
9, pd on next month june 24-25?
Zagary said:
with you going, there will be about 11person
Root-X said:
most prolly not going lor .. end of month sure kering 1 hahaha
Zagary said:
about 50-70 per person mah
Zagary said:
pet also going
Root-X said:
nvm la .. u guys go la ..
Zagary said:
ok lor

I'll try to goreng him more when I see him. The more the merrier mah. 9 after this PD trip, maye we will try to organise more trips together mah. Back to nature, that's what you have said previously.

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