Saturday, May 20, 2006

Accommodation in PD

We had a short talk with KKpan's GF on Thursday night regarding the apartments that we can rent for our trip. One of the names mentioned is Laguna. From what I've checked on the Internet, I would like to mark this resort out. It is just like some condos here in KL. Nothing special. You can have a look at the following URL.

I would like to consider Glory Beach Resort. The photos looks nice. The resort itself sits by the beach and it does have many activities which we can do. Like an obstacle race (^^). See for yourself here and here. The price is 230.00 for a 3 room apartment with 60.00 surcharge on Saturday.

Anyway, there are still other apartments which I have not gone thru yet. I'll update more on the lodging side. Stay tune.

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