Saturday, May 20, 2006

Christian Names

I was wondering what is in a name. Many of my friends have a Christian name, and I know one stupid girl who has 3 names. Now let me search what is in the names of my friends.

This name is of German origin and it means 'lord'. The most famous of this popular name is the Roman Emperor Henry the Good who ruled in then tenth century.

The name of one pope and more than ten saints. The most famous is St Nicholas the bishop of Myra, Lycia. A great example in generosity. This name is of Latin origin and means 'successful commander'. Many variations exist such as Nichol, Nick and Nickolas.

This name is both a first name and a surname. Some saints bore this name. (As in Roger Roger?)

This name of one Scottish saint. This Scottish word means 'Master of the earth'.

This Christian name was borne by many French kings and a number of saints. Many variations exist such as Lewie, Lewis, and Luigi. It is of Frankish origin.

Originates from a Latin word which means ‘olive’.

Originates from the Hakka word chipet which means pu$$y.

(^^) The last name is my own entry.

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