Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mayday Rants

I spent the whole Labour Day sleeping!!!!!!!

Unlike those who work normal shift, I pratically spent my whole first offday sleeping. Although I would spend approx. 1hr surfing the net during the break from sleeping. Sometimes I wondered is it because I'm just too lonely. I have too much time to spare and I don't know how to make good use of it. I've been telling myself to take up some hobbies, but it seems that I'm just too lazy to move. Maybe its because if I were to take up some, I would feel bored doing it alone. Even the much anticipated, camping trip. It has been months since I bakared KKpan and Ah 9. And till today, nothing materialises. Blame it on my laziness.

Like today, 1st May, I spent the whole day sleeping till 9pm, woke up and then went to the bank and after that, went makan with Irene and Victoria. Although I did called Uncle Nick for tea session, I just dropped dead after I'd reached home. What la....!!!!! I can't even hear my phone ringing. WTF!!!!!!

Even though this job is tedious, mainly from the 12hrs shift that I had to go through. But I still love this job. Mainly because of the pay and offdays that I get to enjoy. Taking 2 days leave entitled me to a one week off. (^^) Allowing me to do the things that I liked.

Now it seems that I'm back to square one again.


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