Thursday, May 18, 2006

Indian Excuses

I really have to salute to those Indian guys who can come up with all these fantastic reasons to be exempted from work. And these REASONS works.

  • House on fire
  • Family members passed away
  • Kena Nail
  • Motorbike stolen

And for whatever reasons he gave, he sure can return to work the next day smiling. I believed that his boss must have asked him what happened the next day when he comes back to work. And these might be his explaination.

House on fire - The house behind mine is on fire.
Family members passed away - The boss normally wouldn't ask about these. And moreover 1 family member can only be used once.
Kena Nail - My car kena nail, not my foot.
Motorbike stolen - But he can come to work on a bike.

CB!!!! 8 out of 10 Indians are like that in Malaysia. Although I don't hate them, but I would not want to be working with one who can give fantastic reasons like above. Who knows, maybe there are some even better ones which some of you might have come across.

Just like Samy, blaming it on the weather.

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