Friday, February 24, 2006

Plans for Picnic Trip

I'm all worked up with the suggestion from KKpan to organize a picnic trip. For years we have done most things together like movies, trip to Langkawi, Day Trips, Makan Session. But never a picnic. So....Why not plan one for a start. Here's what I had in mind.
  • Each person will fork out about RM$50.00 or less for food/drinks,etc. $50.00 is just an estimated amount, it might be less.
  • The food can be anything but messy. Like sandwiches, fried beehoon, fried rice, sushi, chicken nuggets, cocktail sausages, fruits, chicken/fish curry, agar-agar. Anything which you guys can think of.
  • I will get a Styrofoam cooler box to chill our drinks. Coke, Sprite, Mineral Water, anything that you all can suggest.
  • We will use all disposable utensils. Remember to bring along some rubbish bag.
  • We will need a tarp for all of us to sit around. I'm still not so sure about the size of the tarp, maybe 3m x 5m.
  • We must get some mosquito coils.
Ah 9 suggested that we go to Ulu Yam's waterfall for the trip. I will go there and survey the surroundings on my offday next week. I will take some pictures of the surroundings and show it to all before we decide on an actual place. From what I heard is that there are public toilets available.

Hopefully everyone going will be mature enough in not endangering oneself or others by swimming to deep torrents area or climbing up the slippery rocks. We are there to relax not for Xgames.

The trip will falls on a weekend, maybe Saturday or Sunday, 18th or 19th March. Time will be from morning 11.00am till evening around 4.00pm-5.00pm.

I need an actual count of persons who are interested to go for the trip to plan better. Now from what I think is that there are about 7 of us, Me, Nick x 2, KKpan x 2, Ah 9, Roger. We need some more people to make it more enjoyable. I would suggest that you bring along water pistols and some balloons to make water bombs.

Any suggestions or confirmation of names can leave me a message in my Chatterbox on the left or Email me.

And KKpan, if only 7 of us are going, we can all squeeze into your Avanza. (^^)

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