Friday, February 24, 2006

LG P7200

Its a phone, a camera, a MP3 player, its everything you want in a phone. Priced at RM$1599. The price is a bit hefty. Equipped with a 2MP CMOS camera, LED light as flash and 4x digital zoom, this is nothing new. LG is simply following the bandwagon. Nothing spectacular about its camera. Its design is slim, with a zest of Motorola's Razr feel on the keypad and design. Nothing spectacular. The material used is plastic. Nothing spectacular.

Conclusion: Not something with this price should be. LG can do better then that. Don't be a follower, be innovative, be the leader.

LG R&D department, you can contact me to get some ideas of what should be in a camera phone. But I'll charge consultation fees. (^^)

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