Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Malacca Trip

The first thing that I noticed when I first step into Malacca Town is not the age old buildings. It's actually these 2 sign boards. Interesting eh?

Hero Records. Every Singer is a Hero.

Restoran Selvam. No wonder you sleep everynight. Must be tired travelling everyday to Malacca to run your own business.

Ah...!!! Malacca, a history riched state. It really can makes you forget havoc of modern cities. But one thing I must remind all you people, never go to Malacca during Holiday Period. Damn Farking Jam.

Even the fancifully decorated trishaws moves faster then us. Kind of sad.

First step into the streets of Malacca town almost felt like going back to the past. All these buildings are older then you and me. But the funny thing is that, it comes with a zest of modern creations. Like the Kaki house(which I called it)

Or the Orangutan House
Then we make our way to the most famous landmark in Malacca. The Stadthuys, otherwise known as the Red Church. Built in 1650, well that is about 356 years olds.

Think this is old wait will you see the St. Paul's Church. It was build in 1521, that is almost 500 years old. This is amazing! The buildings here have an age of at least 100 years.

Next landmark, the A'Famosa, it used to be a fort used by the Portuguese to defend the land. The cannons are facing the seas in the past and still is today. Now, we can't see the seas anymore, due the the land reclaimation done to the surrounding area.

We decided to go crazy, just look at the pics.

"Crococdile!" some auntie shouted. I think must be a Singaporean. This is a Godzilla. (^^)

Then we decided to walk back to Jonker Street. Another place you must visit. Very very crowded place. Here you can find arts, antiques and a lot of old old shop houses.

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