Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Last Day Of Febuary 2006

The last day of Febuary 2006. A memorable one. A day which all Malaysians will say "FUCKING CB!!!!!" in unison, in one voice. Why? Cause the petrol prices increased 30 cents per litre.

Fuck the government!!!! Why the increase so sudden? Not even a word before hand. They only announce it at 10.30pm last night. Why? To create nation wide panic rush to fill up their petrol tanks at the last minute? KNNBCCB!!!!!

Imagine that if your car has a 50L petrol tank, it'll costs you RM$ 96.00 per tank. And lets say that you fill up 5 times a month, that'll be RM$ 480.00 per month. And if you are paying installments for your car. I believed that it will be a very very serious burden for all.

Like paultan.org said in his article,
"The 50 litre fuel tank in my car would cost me RM96 to fill up now. With about 6-8 fill-ups a month… I’ve pretty much dug my own grave, jumped in it, and sealed it all up with cement and built a crypt in the shape of a petrol station around it. Millions of years later I would have turned into oil and you can pump me into your vehicles." (^^)

Well, the Government said that this will be the only increase this year? But who knows really? Only the Boss knew whats coming.

Last year, Malaysia Airlines said because of the increase in fuel prices, that's why they are making serious losses. How about this year? with a hike in petrol prices like today, you think MAS can do better this year? I'm no mathematician, but I think the logical way. This year will be the same as last year for MAS. Who knows? Maybe the government might use proceedings from this price increment to help MAS out of the lurge? Maybe that's why MAS is forcasting that they are seeing profits in 2007 as reported in this article by TheStar.

Like what I said just now, I'm no maths whiz. But thinking on a more logic and sensible way. If the Government uses the proceedings from this petrol hike to help MAS recover its business this year. Of course next year they will be seeing profits. If that is the case, well you might be one of the millions of MAS savers.

I know, fuel prices increase everyday around the world, thanks to that idiot who bomb Iraq. But we don't need to buy from others right? We have our own national petroleum company right? Why can't P'nas help local Malaysians? I can imagine the bosses laughing in their dreams every night. They are real penises.!!!!

But one thing for sure, this year will be a year for AirAsia and car makers who are coming out with better fuel economy engines, like Perodua. (^^)

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