Monday, February 06, 2006

KLCC Aquaria

One of the most Majestic display of the KLCC aquaria, is a tube of fishes. 8) I've heard my friends said that it is even better then Singapore's Underwater World. To me, this is definitely better the Langkawi's Underwater World. Entrance is Rm$28 per head if you can show then your Mykad. Else it will be Rm$38. It also gives you a free Info-CD.

I went to Aquaria with Leah and friends. Took some photos, but because the lighting is so bad, it does not appear good(not because I'm lazy 8Þ). Below are some of the shots which are presentable.

This is me in front of some plastic shark mouth.
The most handsome and adorable of the batch, Joshua, Jenny's son.

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