Monday, March 27, 2006

The Wood's Resort Picnic Trip

After much planning and buying, on the 18th Mar. We are finally there. At The Wood's Resort for a BBQ Picnic. Located at Ulu Yam, its about 15-20 minutes drive from Selayang. Starting my trip at 9 in the morning, I picked up Old man Nick and went to Setapak to meet up the gang. After that, we are off to there. When we reach there the first thing that we had to do is to start the fire for the BBQ. With no experts around, so we start doing it our way, with charcoal, some firestarters and newspapers.
Caveman Pan

Yalar Yalar, I know all of you are happy.

What are you pointing at?

Starting the fire again.

A well trained corn eater, I've never seen someone who can eat corn so clean and neat.

WEI!!! I don't remember having THIS in the menu.

After some makan, its time to hit the water. And KKpan start building a sand castle.

After 15 minutes, he's still working hard on the sand castle.

Pufferfishes Lover Sighted. Targeting.

Group Photo

Leaving the Wood's Resort

Dinner at Burger King.

This trip really worn us out. I don't know about others, but I reached home at about 7.30pm and slept till 3.00pm the next day. Terror right?

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