Sunday, March 05, 2006

TM Net's Sulking

Peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic is choking up local broadband lines with 20% of users utilising 80% of the total bandwidth, according to Internet service provider (ISP) TM Net Sdn Bhd.

On the above statements made by TMNet which I read in TheStar. I think TMNet is just plain sulking and does not want to upgrade their lines to faster speeds. In another words, just suck money from us and providing the same thing, without considering the need to increases their broadband's infrastructure. In TMNet's GM statement he also said that TMNet will not upgrade their lines if the local users continue to abuse the bandwidth.

WTF is he trying to say, now just do the maths, if 1 user subscribe to TMNet 1MB line package at RM$ 88.00 per month. Let's multiply the figure by 1000. So 1000 users will be using a total of 1000MB/1GB of bandwidth, and TMNet's earning RM$ 88000.00 per month. In 1 year, TMNet will be earning RM$ 1,056,000 from these 1000 users. What if we multiply the users number by 5x? I believed that the numbers are very clear to all.

I believe that if the user subscribe to 1MB line, I don't think TMNet is so generous to supply them with 2MB bandwidth. So how can he said that we are abusing our local broadband. The bandwidth must be catered to the numbers of registered users, for God's sakes. What an IDIOT!!!!! (^^)

The Client pays RM$ 88.00 for 1MB line, the provider collects $RM 88.00 and supplies 1MB line, 1000 Clients requires 1000MB, the provider provides 1000MB, END OF STORY. That's the rule of business, simple isn't it?

Each TMNet users' mind are also very simple, I pay RM$ 88.00 per month, I get 1MB of bandwidth with unlimited usage. AND I CAN USE IT HOWEVER I WANTED.

The irony thing is that although we paid for a 1MB line, we will only get about 70% of that speed. The fact is stated here. The statement says, "Generally, the results from this test should be close, but less, than your rated (purchased) line speed. If you can get close to 70% of your rated line speed, everything is perfect!"

I'm no expert in the broadband thingy, I only have a simple mind. But 70%..??!!! That is about 700Kb, which in another words means TMNet's advertisements had some misleading elements in it. If we signed up for a 1MB line and gets 70% of it, where does the remaining 30% goes? Maybe thru out the world, every boardband user is getting like 70% of the promised bandwidth. But like what I said just now, I only have a normal mind, and thinking as logically as possible. The conclusion that I had is simple.....THIS IS A RIPOFF!!!! Why not TMNet give us a 30% discount of the RM$ 88.00 we are paying monthly instead? Like that we can save RM$ 26.40 per month, which means we can get another extra 13.75L of RON97 petrol for our car every month from the savings.

Upgrade your infrastructure to provide faster speeds you bastards!!!!! Decrease the price you bastards!!!!! Increase your coverage you bastards!!!!! Still dare to sing "This is the broadband age not stone age" on television some more. For God's sake, go and rethink your business strategy, you bastards!!!!!

As usual, we Malaysians are used to the facts that if local Government/Semi-Government owned companies are not doing well, they will try to put the faults onto others.

"Malaysia Really Boleh"

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