Thursday, March 09, 2006

Digital Camera

KKpan said the most astonishing thing till date. "I need to buy a digital camera!", he said. A surprise to all of us sitting around the table. KKpan wor, a hardcore old school photographer wants to buy a digicam wor. Now that's the sentence of the century. Now KKpan, finally, you have see the benefits of having a digicam. Why not me, as a digicam user give you some advice on getting a new camera.
  • Get one with image stabilizer.
  • Get something that can gives you a good night shot.
  • Get one with manual controls on shutter speed, or anything that you as a pro would like.
  • Get one which enables you to get cheap recording media like SD Card. Sony's Memory Card and Fuji's XD Card is a no no.
  • Brand of the Lens that comes with the camera is not so important as the most important thing is that the quality of picture that it can produce.
  • Get one with the longest battery life, you will never want to carry all the necessary charger with you on a trip.
Now if you consider all the above points. I believe that you can get one which is almost equivalent to a normal film camera. I'll pass you a magazine which reviews some of the latest cameras in the market. Have a look and decide what you want.

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