Sunday, March 12, 2006

DiGi not given 3G license

DiGi was not awarded a third-generation (3G) spectrum license because it is a foreign company, said Energy, Water and Communications Minister.

Fuck!!!! If you cannot give foreign companies a chance to expand, do you think foreign companies would want to invest in Malaysia. Stupid Minister.
Although you said that people can still continue to invest in the Malaysia, I personally think that people would think twice before doing so. Even if DiGi successfully got the 3G license, do you think that they want to develope 3G in some other countries. And if there is one rule which states that foreign countries are not able to contest in the tender for 3G license, do you think DiGi would be so stupid to waste their time to do something which they know that they would fail in the first place.

Go and rethink your position as a EWC Minister. You old faggard, I wonder whether you know how to use the computer or not.

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