Friday, March 31, 2006

MASEU's Rants

Last day of March 2006, for flashback, I've done quite a few things this month, like getting a new contract, done the picnic at Ulu Yam. But what made me more concern is this news which I've read from Malay Mail.

P/S:Quotes in blue are my own views.

PLAN TO RETRENCH 6,500 MAS STAFF : Union: Cancel lay-off exercise
SUBANG JAYA, March 31:
Malaysia Airlines (MAS) workers will hold mass pickets if the airline proceeds with plans to lay off up to 6,500 staff.(Sadly, One of the unavoidable move)

Thousands of unionised Malaysia Airlines (MAS) staff will also wear black arm bands if the lay-offs, as part of the rationalisation of domestic air routes between MAS and low cost carrier AirAsia, are implemented.(Waste money again)

The decision to take industrial action was made yesterday in an emergency exco meeting of the Malaysian Airlines System Employees Union (MASEU).(Meetin or Meetout also no use)

“We will hold a nationwide picket if this happens. We don’t want to see any MAS employee out of a job, even if it is through a Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) exercise. Our fear is that it will not be a voluntary exercise. No MAS employee should be forced to leave. And certainly not for the benefit of another new airline,’’ said MASEU president Alias Aziz.<=Go see doctor or pick up the soap

He said MASEU officials are scheduled to meet the airline management next week to discuss the latest developments and how union members would be affected. They also hope to meet senior officials of the Ministry of Finance over the issue as soon as possible.(You think meeting MPs can save your asses?)

“We want the authorities to call off the plan to reduce staff strength at MAS. It is not fair that we, who have been in the airline business for longer and have served the country from its inception, are told to leave while the new players in the industry lap it all up,” he said.(Pick up that soap!! Only one company is able to make you, a National Icon, go weak in your knees)

“Why can’t the authorities give our new managing director (Idris Jala) a chance to work out his turnaround plans? If the authorities go ahead with the exercise to reduce the staff strength, we will start wearing the arm bands and picket at our respective stations.’’ (From what I know, this is part of the plan)

It is learnt that should the authorities go ahead with the staff reduction exercise, the union is likely to ask for a minimum RM200,000 compensation for each employee, given the long service of most of the staff.(You must be dreaming)

Under the rationalisation exercise announced by the Government on Monday, several of the domestic routes operated by MAS will be taken over by AirAsia, leaving the national carrier 19 trunk routes while AirAsia will take over 96 routes. (Airasia given a chance to proof themselves or given a bone to chew)

The move will see MAS reducing its 23,000 staff strength by about 6,500. AirAsia is also believed to have offered job opportunities to 1,000 of the affected MAS employees.
(AirAsia is trying to save your asses in taking up the unprofitable routes and giving jobs to you)

It seems that MASEU is trying to hold some sort of protest if their boss goes ahead with its VSS. From my knowledge, sometimes when the company needs to cut down costs, it's either going to do a pay review for all the staffs or cut down the number of staffs. Some companies even worst, they come in both. But from what I've read here, it seems that MASEU is only making noise over the VSS. Therefore, it means that there is on pay cut yet.

If they are already making so much noise on the VSS, imagine what will happened if the boss does a comapany wide pay cut. World War III?

I think if without these 6500 staffs, the company might survive longer, if with these staffs around, the company might die even faster.

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