Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Of Singaporean and Malaysian Drivers

I always knew that Singaporean drivers loves to speed on Malaysia Highways. It is not to say that we Malaysians don't speed, but we are liable to speeding tickets once we got caught. The speeding tickets simply has a way to reach our hands whether we like it or not.

I can guarantee that 70% of Singapore cars traveling on the North-South Expressways are speeding like nobody's business. As if they wanted to be the next F1 Champ. 150-220km/h are a common sight if you ever travel on the NSE. Especially some owners of Mercs, BMWs and Fancy Sport Cars. They simply want to show off their engine's power here on Malaysia Highways. They wanted to get the best time to reach KL in less then the stipulated time, which is 3.5 hrs if traveling at 110km/h.

For Singaporean drivers, speeding here in Malaysia is as though free, even if they are caught on camera. The Malaysian government simply does not have enough information to send them their tickets. Even if they ever received one, will they ever pay for the offense? I doubt so.

Therefore I would suggests to the Malaysian government have a special lane for the Singapore cars so that their cars would be scanned for any outstanding traffic violation tickets they had while they are driving in Malaysia. And make them pay on the spot. It's simply unfair for us Malaysians who are always paying the traffic summons only.

And that goes for Thailand cars also.

We can be rich from all those money collected.

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