Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New Job New Start

Its been 3 days since I started my new job in Cyberjaya. And I love this job. Apart being for the pay that I'm getting, the company is pampering me with a new laptop, a LCD monitor, a plush pantry with a 42 inch LCD TV for everyone's enjoyment, and some other things which I don't get in my previous company.
Even the laptop is well configured, with a Centrino Duo processor, 512mb ram, 80GB harddisk, a DVD-RW drive, a docking station, wireless (bluetooth,infra-red,wifi), card reader, finger print scanner. Although its company's property, but I can do my personal things after work hours.
The environment here is not as relaxing as in the old data center. My colleagues are so busy that they seldom have time to move about. So I'll be expecting to be very busy in about 2 weeks time after I had learned the basics of my job. Security here at my office is damn tight, makes me felt like working back in Singapore. I have security guards who will open the main door when I reach my office building and one opening the door for me when I reach my office.This photo is taken yesterday. Its a bit empty as you can see in the photo, But by end of the week, it will be filled.
Although the travel distance is quite far, but I don't find it a problem to travel to work, nor do I need to rent a house here for the time being.

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