Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Mysterious Power Of Rain

No....!!!! Not the Korean heartthrob, but the water that falls from the sky. I can't help but to wonder, why rain has such a mysterious power to affect things around us.

When it rains at night, people tends to sleep sounder, when it rains in the morning, people tends to arrive late for work. When it rains in the evening, people will arrived home later then usual.

When it drizzles, traffic are jammed almost to a standstill, accidents happened more frequent on rainy days. When it rains heavily, traffic is a total hell. Houses flooded, cars' engines soaked, landslide. Just because of the so call rain, the pee from the heavens, had me caught in the jam for 2 fucking hours for consecutively 2 days.

That's fine with me, but what really pissed me of is that while queuing for pay for the fucking $1.60 toll. Some idiot malay driver bumped into the back of my car. I wanted to kick that bastard already. The reason he gave me is this " Letih lar, tak nampak" And this is the answer I replied " Cheebye, bukan you seorang letih sahaja, semua orang pun baru lepas kerja, kalau letih, jangan memandu. Sekarang hujian dan dah gelap, saya tak nampak apa, tapi saya dah ambil gambar kereta anda. Besok kalau ada apa, saya memang pergi buat laporan"

Why am I so polite? I ought to whack him kaukau just to vent my frustrations for being stuck in the jam for 2 hours for no apparent reasons and for him bumping into my car.

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