Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Travelling Plans

In the coming few months, I'll be buying guide books for Macau, Hong Kong, Bangkok, China's Guangzhou, Wuhan and Guilin. Besides the places I'd mentioned above, I would also like to go to places which Airasia is flying. Like Bali, Phuket, Hanoi etc.

So....Airasia is going to be my travel pal.

These are the places that I wanted to go starting mid of this year. So now its money saving first.

From the information that I found on the Internet, these places have so much things to see and do. Especially China. From Guangzhou to Wuhan, its about 1200KM. (O_o)

It is twice the distance of Penisular Malaysia.

If I managed to go to travelling, I'll be writing a lot for this blog of mine. Till that time, maybe I'll need to have some forms of data entry device, like a notebook. Or maybe I'll just chuck all the entries into my PDA phone. For the trip to Wuhan and Guilin, I have friends there who can provide me with lodgings. So I'll be able to save quite a decent amount on lodgings.

Sad enough, the countries that I've been to are Thailand's Hatyai and Singapore. Especially Singapore, I grew up in that country. Whatever you asked me about Singapore, I can tell you straight. Be it food or where to go for cheap shopping.

As for Hatyai, it can only be girls, girls and more girls. Very cheap somemore. As for the food, it can be quite a shock for me as I'm a choosey eater. I've gathered some amount of information since my last trip there. I believed that my next trip there will be much more enjoyable. Doing things that I had missed out during the last trip.

I've already had the necessary items ready like a digital camera, a triband phone, a charger converter, a personal hygiene kit and a very new passport which will expire in 2011. The only thing that I'll need is a more decent backpack. One which is large enough for me to carry at least 6 sets of clothings. Some memory cards for my PDA and digital camera. And a decent amount of money. (^^)

But first, I'll need to confirm whether I can join Uncle Nick and the others for the trip to Langkawi in May. From my point of view, I think I can join them if everything goes smoothly as I'd planned.

As for now, I might be going down to Singapore in February before Chinese New Year if time and wallet permits. Hopefully I can do some shopping while I'm there.

Now, I'll draw up a list of things which I'll need, like extra batteries for my phone and camera and some other things which I might need while travelling.

And I need to try my tripod for my camera nowadays when I'm free.

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