Wednesday, January 31, 2007

2nd Try At Escargots

It has been years since I last had my first bite at an escargot. I remembered the last time I had them, they taste a bit weird. Although topped with a lot of garlics, I still find them strange. And chewing the thing is just like chewing cowhide. Very crunchy, some might say. I though I might never like escargots again. But I was wrong, until I had my supper at this restuarant at Desa Petaling.We ordered a dozen and I was to take 4 of those creepy crawlies. Before I sink my teeth into these edible snails, I'm breaking cold sweat. After I had the first bite, OMG I was in heaven. The taste is so fine. I gobbled up 4 of them in no time. Makes me craving for more.So next round if I'm going to have escargots, I'll only have them at that particular restuarant.

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