Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Time For BBQ

Finally, my problems has been settled. I can now plan for BBQ. Come to think of it, our way of doing BBQ, in fact too cheesy, I might say. What we did is that we always had the same food, same style. Too old school. What we ate are always just out from the package. No marinating, just straight from the package.

The things that we had are normal sausages, flavored sausages, chicken wings skewered to a BBQ fork and place it over the fire. Burnt or undercooked food is common for us. We are too amateur.

After BBQed a few times with my friends, I can say that I had a little knowledge of how we can prepare more different varieties of food, including vegetables. And it'll cost only a fraction of what we did previously. But preparation of food can be very very tedious. I expected it to take 1-2 days.

I don't mind preparing them, I just want everyone to participate to make things easier. Not someone who just wait to eat, giving complains.

We'll make the food all bite size, easy to cook and fast to eat. Not like having to wait for 20mins for the chicken wings to be cook. I want to make the food like satay sticks.

So now, I'm going to simply put down all the food that we can have.
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Potatoes
  • Chicken
  • Unshelled Prawns
  • 9 Choi
  • Bacon..????
And if we are going to Bagan Lalang, we can have extras like mussels, fish, stingray, etc. If we are going to go there, we must have some seasoning sauces like chili powder, HoiSin sauce, XO sauce, to be spread onto the fish before we steam it.

Damn, makes my mouth water already. I still cannot forget the fish that I had when I was there in November. The texture is smooth like taufu.

Anyway those who are interested can submit their names to me now.

I'll need to plan for the dates later.

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