Thursday, January 18, 2007

Nokia N95

With so many gadgets in 1 small body, how much does the Nokia N95 worth? With GPS, 5MP Digital Camera, WIFI, FM, blah blah blah.
Let's break all the items down if I were to buy them individually. Prices are my rough estimation.

GPS Device - Costs between RM 1500-2000
5MP Digital Camera with 3X Zoom and Flash - RM 1000
A FM radio - RM 40
And all those blah blah blah costs about RM 500 total.

So it makes a grand total of RM 3940.

Expected this N95 to cost around USD 700, which is equivalent to RM 2520. If that is the actual price that it is gonna be retailing. I'll be the first one drooling over the display counters. (^^)

But normally Nokia distributors in Malaysia are gonna make the price fixed at around RM 3000.

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