Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Stingy Singaporeans

Singaporeans are well known in the world for 3Ks, which are Kiasu, Kiasee and Kiamsiap. Why? Recently Malaysian Government imposed a RM $20 levy on foreign cars coming into Malaysia. And as always, our neighbors down south are starting to make noise again.

From my own point of view, I don't see any problems with the levy. In the past when I'm still working in Singapore, if there's a need to drive my car into Singapore. I need to pay SGD$ 30 per entry. So I don't see why Singaporeans should voice their concern over this levy.

Compare RM$ 20 to SGD$ 30, which is more expensive? I believed that most car owners in Singapore are quite well off and yet they want be Kiamsiap over this small amount. Come on lar, RM$ 20 is about SGD $9, imagine how much you can save on shopping, makan and visiting prositutes. You think you can get such cheap items in Singapore?

So shut the fuck up!!!!

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