Friday, April 14, 2006

Items for my Digicam

I had a Casio Z55 Digital Camera. Although this model has been out in the market for almost 2 yrs, I personally thinks that it had one of the best battery life in the market today. One full charge can takes about 400 photos(CIPA standards). I've been thinking to myself, what if I'm on a few days trip and taking tons of photos every moment. Will my battery lasts? Do I have enough memory for the photos? Therefore, I decided its time to have all the necessary additions to my digicam.

A SD card and another extra battery. I've done some checking on the Internet for prices of SD cards. 1GB cards now are price around RM$ 135.00 for the normal type. Although I would prefer using the Kingston Elite Pro or Ultimate, which has a faster read/write speed, my camera just doesn't seems to support such cards. I've checked out the manufacturer's website and it seems that I might even have some problems with the normal 1GB cards. No fuck, I'll just get one and see whether it works or not as the prices are so low nowadays.

The another necessary thing will be the battery. Original Casio battery sells for about RM$ 250 if I'm not wrong. I'm looking at some other options like a compatible battery which I found on the Internet selling for RM$ 55.00. I believed that there will be some camera shops selling such batteries.

Anyway, enough talk. I'll do the sourcing and shopping next month after I got my salary and after settling my car installments.

P/S: My car is officially 2 months old and I've already lost 2K in Value. Thanks to the NAP which was annouced last month.

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