Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Reality Shows

I'm not a fan of any reality shows that's available in the TV nowadays. Fear Factor, American Idol, Worlds Apart, Amazing Race,etc. I would not really say that I don't enjoy these shows, but somehow, reality shows failed to turn me into a hardcore follower. BUT one very important thing, these shows sure to give me the stomach cramps while laughing hard. For instance, William Hung from the American Idol. And now, the American Inventor.

I noticed that both have the initials AI for short, so I Googled it on the net and found that the brainchild behind both shows are Simon Cowell of the American Idol fame. Like this clip below, I have a conclusion, that is, Simon Cowell is better at showing the real idiots of America to world rather then to discovering talents for each show.

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