Friday, June 17, 2005

Too Naive

This is what I read on the Malaysia Mail Website.

She lost her heart and RM11,500! EMILY TOH KUALA LUMPUR, June 16:
A lonely accounts clerk in search of love thought she had found a ‘match’ in a man from Labuan, Sabah.
But the 36-year-old woman, who identified herself as Jennifer, soon discovered that his real love was for her money.Yesterday she related her story at the MCA Public Services and Complaint Department.It all started, when she replied to an advertisement in a Chinese daily from a man who identified himself as Peter Chin. He had advertised himself as a divorcee looking sincerely for a partner aged above 37 years.He also said he was an Australian PR and prefers a “Christian lady”.She fell for the “Christian” line.“I thought he was a religious person. Before long we were talking on the phone regularly and even SMS-ing each other practically every other hour,” she said of the romance which began at the end of May.Soon after that, Chin came to Kuala Lumpur for a holiday with his uncle and mother, purportedly to meet Jennifer and introduce her to his family.“But at the last minute he called and told me his mother was sick and his uncle would be sending her to Singapore. He said he would meet me alone. I wanted to see his mother but he kept offering excuses,” said Jennifer.So they met at a hotel for a romantic dinner. He convinced Jennifer of his love for her.The next day he executed his con by telling Jennifer his mother had died and he needed RM11,500 for the funeral expenses.Jennifer lent him RM8,500 out of sympathy as he had wept openly when relating his grief.“He told me he needed another RM3,000 as he wanted to buy a quality coffin for his mother. I borrowed the money from a relative and gave it to him.”But after taking the money the ‘relationship’ fizzled out as Chin did everything to avoid Jennifer.Last week she decided the whirlwind romance that she was caught in was nothing but a scam.“He stopped taking my calls and a few days ago the line was terminated. That’s when I realised he had cheated me,” said Jennifer.She lodged a police report and turned to the MCA Public Services and Complaint Department’s Datuk Michael Chong for help.“To those facing this problem, please do come forward and let us help you seek justice by making reports to the police,” Chong said.

Why people, after reading so many similar cases in newspapers, still fall for such scams?

If a potential boyfriend really loves you, he would never ask you for any money. Religious people might be evil, do not judge the person by his religious believes. It is very superficial to do so. SO LEARN TO BE MORE CAUTIOUS. DON"T BE SO NAIVE.

Come on lar, he can come to KL for holiday and send his mother to Singapore for treatment, he cannot fork out the funeral expenses? Don't you think it's a bit strange? Australian PR some more wor!!! Try not to get blinded.

What the hell, the mother might even be a fake too.

Sometimes assholes can go to great extend like telling lies saying that his family members died or in serious illness or troubles. If you want to help, can maybe 500 to 1000, and it is consider quite a large amount.

Really hopeless.


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